Escape Game Brighton – Murder at the Pier: Revenge


The identity of the infamous Brighton Trunk Murderer has been discovered. But now the killer is coming after you! He has lured you to his private residence and trapped you inside. Can you escape? You have 60 minutes before the killer will take his revenge!



Ster, Ni, Lizzie, Jamie, Emma

Played – 19/3/17

(Review by Ster)

Escape Game Brighton

The room was easy fairly to find but we had a few Brighton natives showing us the way, not sure how close we would have got without them, especially as the room was actually underneath the main building!

The lobby was just about large enough for the whole team to squeeze into and there wasn’t a great deal of set-up before going into the room, a quick run through of the rules and a couple of sentences of story background.

The Room

The room was small and pretty dark which, while in keeping with the murderous theme, made it difficult to see at times! On first glance around the room we identified a few things which wouldn’t come into play for quite some time, which was frustrating while playing as we were looking for what would fit with these objects and so were distracted from what probably would have been helpful!

Most of the puzzles were quite simple, though that isn’t to say that we found them easy! And at the beginning they weren’t linear, which I really enjoy as it means that the team can split up around the room and everyone feels as if they’re doing something, even if it turns out that they’ve been concentrating on a red herring for 20 minutes!

There was one really interesting puzzle in this room which I haven’t seen before or since which made quite a small simple room a lot more enjoyable! The whole team really enjoyed gathering around, after a bit of tetris style re-organisation of ourselves so that we could all see and no one got in the way, though it was ultimately solved by the person with the piece of paper, the rest of us were just over sized decorations.

We escaped the room in about 40 minutes with one clue.

brighton crop.jpg


The room was pretty simple and we did spend a bit of time standing around just passing the same things between ourselves with no real direction, which could be because we hadn’t played a room together before but after the initial exploration the puzzles dwindled to a linear structure which didn’t require 5 people to complete.






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