Escape Entertainment, London

Escape Entertainment – Prohibition Pandemonium


You’re in a Roaring Twenties speakeasy and the cops are banging on the front door. Do you have what it takes to find the secret back exit and escape the long arm of the law?


Team – Ster, Simon, Stu, Ni, Ros, Tim, Liz, Naomi, Robin

Played – 28/5/16

(Review by Ster)

Escape Entertainment

There were a lot of other teams either getting ready to start or just finishing their rooms and while I appreciate that there was a lot going on, it did feel as if we were shown some seats and then just ignored and left to find our own entertainment for a while among the noise of other large groups also waiting around.

The room

This room can officially accommodate 10 people but we went in with 9 and I’m glad we didn’t fill the extra space as there definitely wasn’t enough for 9 people to do! The room was very sparse without much decoration and none of the puzzles required 10 people which meant that most of the group had to stand back and watch while a couple of people did the actual work.

I found that I spent quite a lot of the first half hour moving between areas of the room trying to spot something that had been missed but not really finding anything. The solutions to the puzzles weren’t very clear and we were never entirely sure if we had the correct combination or not, which took quite a lot out of the enjoyment of the room as there were no clear moments of success, more just a hopeful, ‘well maybe…’

I did enjoy the last few minutes when it because clear what we needed to do and could run around doing it but, again, there wasn’t enough work for 9 people so we still had team members just standing around not able to get involved. We escaped needing one clue, though I can’t say that the clue helped at all. We had the answer for the puzzle we just hadn’t managed to use the solution and instead of giving us any advice, we were just told the answer repeatedly over a crackly radio, which led to a lot of frustration.

Stu – I feel this place had so much potential due to its size. The entrance room was almost too big and didn’t give a welcoming feeling that we’ve had in many other places. There wasn’t really any build up to the game or too much of a storyline either. As mentioned above this game was designed for 10 people but there was far from enough to keep everyone entertained.

2016 Escape Entertainment


The members of our team who hadn’t played an escape room before enjoyed the experience but the rest of us left feeling pretty underwhelmed. I definitely wouldn’t recommend going with a full team, book out the room and only fill half the places and you might have a more enjoyable experience than we did.






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