Archimedes Inspiration, London

Archimedes Inspiration – Leo’s path


Team – Ster, Ni, Simon, Stu

Played – 22/7/17

(Review by Ster)

Archimedes Inspiration

We played this room the week before it closed, so it isn’t actually available to play anymore. Also, having read other reviews of this game, it has been modified significantly since it first opened. As we were one of the last teams through, I think this meant that we enjoyed the best possible experience, everything worked the way that it should and any issues that had arisen at the room’s opening were long since fixed.

Our host was very friendly and we spent quite a long time after playing discussing different escape rooms that we had played and what we had enjoyed about them, which really added to our enjoyment of this experience as our team can talk about escape rooms for a long time!

The Room

The theme of this room gave it a calm, relaxing feel and at no point in the game were we particularly stressed out. The puzzles were linear but there were no padlocks or codes, the whole room was fully automated which gave it a very unique and enjoyable feel.

I think my favourite part of this experience was how the puzzles involved the entire team. There were very few moments of everyone waiting for one person to finish, which does tend to happen in other linear rooms. I don’t think that it was a room that any of us found particularly challenging, each puzzle led on to the next and it never took us long to work out the solution, but it was a really enjoyable experience.

We escaped very quickly, setting a new record for the room, but I was really surprised when we were told our time as I felt as if I had been playing for much longer. I think the fact that we were following a story made the theme much more immersive and it didn’t really feel like a race against the clock which led to me completely losing track of time while we were in there, something that never happens in an escape room as I’ve always got one eye on the countdown!

Simon – I echo what Ster said – a lovely atmospheric room with an interesting story. The automation added to the experience as it truly felt more spiritual and in keeping with the story. A great variety of puzzles, which I felt were all quite logical and led to interesting solutions. Upon speaking to the host at the end, we were amazed by some of the ‘solutions’ that other teams have tried!
I thoroughly enjoyed this room!

Stu – Previous game experience probably made this game seem much easier than it actually is. The puzzles were varied with different levels of challenges. The room was themed well and had an interesting storyline. For me there wasn’t a defining moment / puzzle however the room itself still left a very positive feeling.



Overall I thought that this room was fantastic, the story and the relaxing feel made it a very unique experience and the fully automated room gave it an interesting twist. It’s a shame that this room isn’t available to play anymore as I think that it had managed to evolve into a really great experience with interesting puzzles with just the right amount of challenge. I’m really looking forward to seeing what replaces it!







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