Locked in a room, Milton Keynes

Locked in a room – Parallax

From Lockedinaroom.co.uk

The time-travelling super genius, Professor Pottenger has been kidnapped by unknown assailants! The assailant’s hideout has been located but questions still remain… Where is Pottenger? Who kidnapped him? Who do they work for? Enter their hideout and obtain the vital intelligence needed to unearth this peculiar mystery, before it’s too late!

Team – Ster, Ni, Simon, Stu

Played – 17/12/17

(Reviewed by Ster)

Locked in a room

This was our first visit to Locked In a Room MK as we’ve played the previous two rooms at their venue in London. It was much the same as the London venue, only slightly smaller! There was the same block type seating where all the teams gathered for the initial briefing and then we were led into a long dark corridor to stand in front of our rooms while we received the second, themed, briefing.

While the large team briefings don’t really lend themselves to a personal approach, they are a lot better than many uninterested introductions I’ve encountered in other venues. Our host was enthusiastic, friendly and keen for us all to get going while at the same time making sure that everyone was aware of what to expect.

After our escape was when our host really shone though, she greeted us with a great deal of enthusiasm at the door and took the time to have a friendly chat with us about what had gone well or not so well and we even got a chance to compare the Milton Keynes venue with the one in London. If Locked in a Room had another game left for us to play it would be a tough decision trying to decide which venue to play it at!

The room

This is Locked In a Room’s most difficult room but I think that having already played both Timelock and Invisibility Gene we had a bit of an advantage as we had a pretty good idea of the type of puzzles to expect. Throughout the game there was only one puzzle that left some members of the team standing around with nothing to do, which can happen quite a lot in some linear games I’ve played. But the two members of the team completing the puzzle were having such a great time with it that I felt a bit guilty about feeling momentarily bored!

We had tried to find something else to work on while we were waiting, but at that point we needed the solution to their puzzle to move forwards. We did manage to make it almost a three person job, which left only one member of our team waiting, and it was a great puzzle, the ridiculousness of it adding a lot to its entertainment value! The other puzzles in the room were engaging and challenging enough that we had to pause and think about them but not so challenging that we ever got stuck.

We blitzed through the room without much of a pause, all the puzzles led on to each other and, between the four of us, we could always work out where to go next. Our host had a look at the end and confirmed that we had done everything we should have done and in the right order so I think that it was exactly the right amount of challenge for our team, definitely my favourite out of the three rooms we’ve played at Locked In a Room, even without the gadgets that we found in Invisibility Gene! And we managed to set a new record, which is always fun.

Stu – Something to keep in mind with the Locked in a Room games is that the rooms all look very similar. The reason behind this is that they are all based around the same main storyline but with each room having their own mini storyline. Just like previous rooms this one included a variety of challenges and methods however this one seemed just that little more advanced. The room itself was good however I have to say the build up to the game starting was slightly disappointing. The facilities in the Milton Keynes location have a very small welcome area which we were all crammed into before being taken up into the main waiting room. I think it’s great that there are places like Locked in a Room that can offer large numbers of teams rooms at the same time but this does take away the personal touch a team can have with the host.

Simon – This was the third Locked in a Room game, and I have to admit that they are all much of a muchness. This isn’t to say that it was a bad game, however upon entering the room it felt a little like we’d been here before. The puzzles were good, and the room flowed well, which is something we’d come to expect from this company. There was a good physical puzzle too, which Ster and Ni enjoyed doing.  There was a shift upwards in difficulty compared to previous rooms, but I wouldn’t have said this was a really taxing room.


Escape time – 35:04


While the puzzles in the different games at Locked in a Room are all fairly similar, there is enough variety to ensure that they are separate experiences. I do think that having played both other rooms made the last one easier though, by this point we had a pretty good idea of how the experience was going to go, I think that it would definitely be harder if this was your first game at Locked in a Room. That said, it was a very enjoyable game. Our team really relished the challenge of a more difficult room and, while there were a few red herrings lying around, there wasn’t really a point where we were ever completely stuck.





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