Escape London, Escape rooms, London

Escape London – Escape the seven seas


You and your crew have been locked away in the brig. Does your team have what it takes to escape your cell, break into the Captains chamber and steal the treasure all for yourself? Glory and riches await


Team  – Ster, Ni, Simon, Stu

Played – 7/7/18

(Reviewed by Ster)

Escape London (Shadwell)

Escape London was easy to find and our hosts were friendly and welcoming when we arrived. They briefed us, along with another team starting at the same time, in about 3 minutes flat, which was fantastic! And then we were led into our respective rooms and given another couple of snippets of information before the door was locked.

The Room

The theme of this room was fantastic, with brilliant decoration and an interesting start which required a good level of teamwork. As we did this room at the height of summer, the air conditioning was also greatly appreciated, especially compared to some previously played rooms which left everyone sweating and fumbling any code locks! The room was pretty darkly lit, which could get annoying at times, but also encouraged us all to work together as we passed lanterns back and forth to get a better look at different clues and which really added to the atmosphere of being locked up in the ship’s brig!

The puzzles in this room were non-linear, which is always our favourite type of room, and we all zipped around investigating the different puzzles with enough to look at that no one was pushing anyone out of the way for something to do. There were some really interesting puzzles in this room that were great fun to solve and we only got stuck right at the end due to some slightly imprecise placement which really slowed us down.

I really enjoyed the different puzzles and the way that they encouraged us all to work together. Nothing was too tricky and the solutions had pretty intuitive answers so it always felt as if we were moving forwards. It was a really fun room and I’m definitely looking forward to trying some more games at Escape London!

Ni – I really enjoyed this room, I think it’s one of the only rooms we’ve ever done where we all had something to do the whole time and there were some really fun puzzles that we’ve never seen before. Great theme and just all round enjoyable!

Stu – The theming of this room was brilliant and completely immersive. Some of the puzzles weren’t as obvious which made this room more challenging. As the game went on frustration kicked in, however this didn’t take anything away from the game. Really enjoyed this room overall.

Simon – Upon entering the room, it did feel like we’d entered the decks of a pirate ship. Separating our team into two different cells is always something I enjoy, provided that there’s something for both parties to do. Thankfully, in this case, there was. There was a great variety of puzzles in this room, with varying levels of difficulty. It felt like we all had something to do throughout the whole game. We enjoyed this game, so it’s definitely one worth checking out.

2018 Escape London (2)

Escape time – 35 minutes


This room was really enjoyable. Brilliantly themed and with interesting puzzles which were great fun to solve. We were a little frustrated when we tripped up on the last puzzle but the other solutions came fairly intuitively to us, meaning that we didn’t have any moments of standing around waiting for a moment of inspiration to hit, which is always the sign of a great room!







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