Claustrophobia, Tallinn

Claustrophobia – Gravity


Rigorous candidate selection, training and drills for months on end, a long and grueling flight to the orbit. Everything goes down the drain. No sooner had the airlock closed than the orbit delivery spaceship you came with undocked and set out on a journey home. Behind your back, there is nothing more than darkness and cold stretching over hundreds of thousands of kilometers. Only a space station completely ruined by a disaster lies ahead of you. We have to make our way to the orbital module as quickly as possible. That’s our only chance to survive and come back to the Earth. All the systems are operating in the emergency mode, you have only one hour of air. Let’s get down to it!


Team – Simon, Stu, Mario

(Review by Simon)


We were in Tallinn for the day, so we couldn’t miss the opportunity to try an escape game while we were there! The venue was fairly easy to find, just a few minutes’ walk out of the Old Town. Our host was great – enthusiastic and welcoming. You could tell that she had played plenty of escape games herself, and we had a long chat about our experiences. They also had a bowl of great sweets on the table, which is always a bonus!

The Room

I was extremely keen on doing this game, I’m a big sci-fi fan, so a game set in space sounded right up my street and I wasn’t disappointed! They make you remove your shoes and climb into the space-station module before starting the game. It’s a little cramped (although not claustrophobic), but very immersive.
By way of puzzles there weren’t loads, but what there were were extremely well conceived, carefully crafted and fitted in with the theme really well. Computer screens were used, a chemistry experiment and some other  props and devices which really added to the immersion.

The climax of the game fit in really well too. It was something we’d never seen done in an escape room, so it was a big surprise for us. Admittedly, it was a little long, but we enjoyed it.


A fantastic room for immersiveness – it was well themed and I enjoyed the puzzles. Our host was great and really added to our experience and the game kept our interest throughout. There was one added feature in the room which really added an extra flourish for me, despite not being part of the game at all.






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