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Escape Rooms – Room 33


It is 1675, China. You are the guard of KangXi, emperor and great ruler of the mighty Qing Dynasty. In the great palace lies the most precious artefact of the kingdom, a blue-and-white porcelain vase. It is believed that the presence of it in the emperor’s chamber will enable the Qing dynasty to last forever. One night, whilst on your guard, the vase disappears. The emperor is furious and blames you for its loss. He orders your execution to be carried out in the coming days.
At midnight you are led by a mysterious person to a time machine and told to travel to Room 33 of the British Museum, year 2016. Somewhere in this room, the exact blue-and-white porcelain vase is displayed. You have only 60 minutes to find, steal and return the artefact to the emperor while the portal of the time machine is still open. Can you make it in time?


Team – Ster, Simon, Stu, Ni, Ros

Played – 29/10/14

(Review by Ster)

Escape Rooms

Escape Rooms remains a small but charming place, the walls are lined with pictures of previous teams and the hosts are friendly and welcoming. They also indulged our slightly hyper enthusiasm once they had given us our briefing, we were very excited to get going!

The Room

This room made an incredible use of space and had a very exciting starting puzzle! It was more physical than Pharaoh’s Chamber, the other game on this site, with crawling a mandatory part of the game, so possibly not suited to those who are less mobile, but it really added to the experience! The theme was great fun, the closer we came to stealing the vase, the louder we became!

I think that this room really played to our strengths as a team. The puzzles didn’t have a linear structure which left us free to just tear the place apart and we had a blast doing so! The puzzles were interesting and had elements which required all of our brain power, which was a nice mix with the physical aspects of playing.

There were a wide variety of different puzzles in this game – technological, physical, fiddly locks and also good old fashioned riddles. There were enough different aspects of the game that almost every time a team member threw out a question, another member instantly had the answer because they had noticed something in particular or had just been exploring a different part of the room. In that aspect, the room was amazing because everyone had their own moment to shine, there wasn’t one dominant player, everyone was involved and had their own moments of inspiration.

Ni – I enjoyed this room, we had a lot of laughs with the physical aspects and I think everyone in our team found something to decode, which is always a great plus – not having anyone standing watching. There was a wide variety of types of puzzles, as well as difficulties, so something for all of the team.

Simon – This was the first game we played with some element of physical challenge on top of the usual mental workout of puzzles – always a great start to a room. The room itself was relatively sparsely decorated, but this worked for the theme. An interesting variety of puzzles, with a fairly high difficulty level. An interesting game which uses story and space well.

2014 Escape Rooms Room 33 - 29th Oct


This room was non-stop! There was never a moment when we were stuck on what to do, we were constantly involved with a puzzle somewhere and all of the puzzles were different.






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