Breakout Rooms, Watford

Breakout Rooms – The Lost City


You have decided to embark on an expedition, with the eccentric Professor Heimann, through an uncharted jungle area of the Amazon Rainforest. He hypothesised that there is an ancient city full of treasure in the heart of the jungle. What seemed like a well-organised plan and simple expedition turns into disaster, as you are unaware of the real dangers the deep jungle has to offer.


Team – Ster, Ni, Ellie

Played 14/07/18

(Review by Ster)

Breakout Rooms

Breakout rooms was easy to find and had a fairly large waiting area in the reception. They were ready to go when we arrived so it was just a quick briefing on the types of padlocks that we would encounter and in we went.

The Room

The room was quite sparsely decorated which I think is meant to encourage a linear gameplay, though we somehow managed to jump one of the puzzles at the beginning and had to go back on ourselves to solve it before we could escape at the end. The final puzzle required elements from 4 previous puzzles, which was quite a nice ending, if a little frustrating!

There was quite a nice variety of puzzles in this room and I enjoyed the different locking mechanisms that didn’t all rely on finding a code or a padlock key, though they mostly seemed to be puzzles without a high degree of difficulty. I think the type of puzzle that we came across most often was the find and count type, which is probably why we came away thinking that the puzzles weren’t overly taxing.

Our hosts seemed keen to get involved while we were playing, asking if we needed any help over the radio when they thought that we were getting stuck, which was useful when we actually needed it but a little frustrating when we were just still working things out for ourselves!

Ni – Not a bad room, friendly hosts and lots of different locking mechanisms make it stand out from others we’ve done. As a team, I think we need to work on our counting! As with so many codes needing us to count, we got very lax toward the end and kept tripping ourselves up. The puzzles weren’t too difficult, so good for room escape newbies.


This game was enjoyable, though as can often happen with a linear puzzle structure, there often wasn’t quite enough for 3 people to do and one person was frequently left standing around waiting.






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