Bristol, Riddlr

Riddlr – The Brunel enigma


The year is 1842. Your friend and colleague Isambard Kingdom Brunel has sent for you by telegram. When you arrive at his office, he is missing and all is not as it seems. Fearing for his life, and with a limited time, you must work through the clues he has left, to find out what has happened and hopefully regain contact with your friend. Expect an early Victorian, Bristolian twist in this intriguing puzzle escape room.


Team- Ster, Ni, Simon, Stu, Ros

Played 22/07/18

(Reviewed by Ster)


This was the second game that we played at Riddlr on this visit and the hosts were great, squeezing us in before our booked start time after we finished the first room early and very friendly and welcoming. The reception area of Riddlr is large and open, with plenty of space to wait and grab a drink of water before the game begins.

The Room

There was quite a lot to look at in this room and we couldn’t resist getting started before the pre-recorded message had finished playing so we might have missed some of the theme set up in our eagerness!

It was a fairly standard office room set up, but with some interesting elements that we haven’t come across before, making it a bit more than your average run of mill escaping from an office type game. There was a good variety of different puzzles which were engaging and interesting to solve, some with obvious solutions and some that required us to put our heads together for a moment and really think about them.

I loved some of the physically larger puzzles as they made the room a bit more exciting to work through. There were a few puzzles which didn’t have clear solutions due to the variety of different problem solving devices (for want of a better term!) that could theoretically have been used to figure out multiple puzzles, so some of the challenge was in finding the correct solution out of those which were available to us.

Simon – Another really well created room which, despite being a common theme across a lot of different rooms, managed to feel fairly fresh throughout. The puzzles felt interesting, particularly because they could have applied to a couple of different aspects of the room, which gave them an extra challenge. This room also did the impressive feat of being linear, but not feeling linear, which is an added bonus.

Ni – Really enjoyed this room, they did well to make an old theme feel new with their larger puzzles pulling the team together, instead of the usual split up and tear everything apart technique that most office set-ups require throughout. As the others have mentioned, I was impressed by the linear but not linear set-up, a very fun room.


Escape time – 28:00


This room, as Simon said, managed to be linear without feeling linear at all and we used a bit of a divide and conquer technique right up to the end. There was only one moment when some of the team were left with nothing to do, and that was only because two team members were struggling with a puzzle they were finding a bit fiddly! Overall, it was great fun though we didn’t find it quite as hard as we expected to, given that it is Riddlr’s most challenging game. The average time is 60 minutes and we managed it in 28, though they were a very fun 28 minutes that really flowed together!








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