London, Time Run

Time Run – Celestial Chain


A rogue goddess, once imprisoned, has broken free of The Celestial Chain. Gather what you need to bind her, once again: or risk the end of the world as we know it. 

 – Gather the artefacts you need from across time to imprison an ancient force.

 –  A brand new format, never seen before in a live game experience 

 – A clear scoring system that reflects your team achievements


Team – Ster, Ni, Simon, Stu, Ros

Played – 15/2/17

(Review by Ster)

Time Run

As with our previous visit to Time Run, our host was superb and really set up a fantastic adventure! The host that we met at the end was also amazing. There was a bit of a gap between bookings and he really took the time to talk to us about the puzzles and even explained a couple of things that we hadn’t managed to work out at the time, which, for me, really made the experience an extra special one.

The Room

This room was quite different to Time Run’s other game as it’s more of a collecting game than an escaping as fast as possible game. In each section of the room your team has a set amount of time to gather as many artifacts as you can and then you scurry to the next section to try and gather even more.

This set-up created a great atmosphere and there was so much to do that it always felt as if we were running out of time, which I guess is the point! If we couldn’t work out a puzzle, there was time to swap around and give other elements a go, creating a constant feeling of panic as we rushed around frenetically trying to gather as much as possible, always feeling as if we should have achieved a little bit more than we managed!

There was such a wide variety of puzzles in this game that I can’t even hope to remember them all! Some of them I didn’t even see as there was so much else to do. There were a few puzzles which were just plain frustrating, but it didn’t matter because we weren’t given any time to dwell on them! The final puzzle was great fun as we rushed around with our gathered artifacts, though it was a little difficult to hear all of the instructions over the dramatic music!

There were parts of this escape that seemed to work more successfully than others – the first part had some very frustrating elements that we just couldn’t operate successfully no matter how many people tried and another section started with everyone watching one person complete something, but the pace and atmosphere of the whole experience was fantastic!

Ni – Another great room with Time Run, lots of different puzzles meant the team really had a chance to spread out and play to our strengths. As with our previous visit, a truly fantastic host really added to the drama and gave us all a fun experience – I would definitely recommend giving it a go!

Simon – After the Lance of Longinus, I was very much looking forward to the next Time Run game. This is a bit of a divisive game between our team, because it’s not an escape room in the traditional sense. I think I’d probably say this is more of a quest than anything. For me, I felt it hit the right balance across the five rooms we were presented with – all the rooms were great for teamwork (although there was one which we mostly worked individually) and there was a really good variety of puzzles, with varying levels of difficulty. There was a heavy emphasis on the story, which had advantages and disadvantages. The main disadvantage was that the pace of the quest suddenly came to a grinding halt when we reached the final room. Having said this, I really enjoyed the alternative approach to this room, although I can see why it could split opinions.


This game, and it was more of a game than a room, was great fun! It was a completely different take on escaping, with short sections that we were forced to move on from even if we were adamant that we hadn’t quite finished yet, which meant that when we found ourselves in sections that didn’t play to our strengths, we didn’t get bogged down trying to solve a puzzle for long periods of time. If it wasn’t finished when the time came to move on it didn’t matter, it was just time to run!






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