Break Escape, Loughborough

Break Escape – Boiling Point


You and your team are tasked with defusing the bomb planted deep inside the police station, hold your nerve, be patient but you’ll also need to react quickly to make sure Boiling Point doesn’t get the better of you, before time runs out and the terrorists get away!


Team- Ster, Ni

Played – 4/8/18

(Reviewed by Ster)

Break Escape

We completed this room as a short break while driving from up in the Lake District to back down South and they were super friendly, giving us great directions to find them seeing as we’d never been to Loughborough before. Our host Jason was enthusiastic and good fun, meaning that we started the room smiling and he had some fun with us inside, getting us to do some silly things to find aspects that we had missed rather than just giving clues. Once we had finished he also recommended some great rooms nearby that we could play if we were in the area again, which was a lovely contrast to some rooms which have just told us that everybody else is awful and only their games are worth playing.

The Room

The first thing that I loved about this room was that we were told before we went in that we would be allowed to complete the room even if we ran over the hour limit, it just wouldn’t be counted as a success. This is the first room I’ve played that offers this and it was a really nice touch that allows everyone who tries the room to have a go at all of the puzzles available and we were really impressed that they would offer this, especially as it was our first time playing as a pair and we were pretty nervous about our chances!

To start the room you need to work out an initial code just to get to the actual puzzles, which was a fun beginning. Once properly inside, the room had some great puzzles with a wide variety of solutions and I loved the fact that were was a physical bomb in part of the room that we were actually trying to ‘diffuse’. The first section was pretty dark, which was a little frustrating, but didn’t actually impact our gameplay in any way, we just kept gathering what we found in the same place underneath the lamp!

There was one slightly physical aspect of the game, but it wouldn’t stop anyone from taking part as it actually only has to be completed by one member of the team who could then help the others achieve the same outcome in a less physical manner! There were also a lot to look at inside. The game isn’t just about diffusing the bomb, it’s also about tracking down evidence and there was quite a large pile of evidence to look at which probably would have seemed less daunting with more players!

The longest puzzle in there involves finding things on a map and, even though it was a map of London which we really should have known our way around, it still took us quite a while and got a little frustrating, but it was a great puzzle and we had fun solving it even while arguing with each other! We escaped just in the nick of time with less than 2 minutes to spare, but our host still took the time to go over some puzzles with us at the end and show us a couple of things that we’d missed along the way.



This was a really fun room! Lots of different puzzles with interesting solutions and the theme was also great. The sorting through an office set up is a pretty well used escape room beginning, but it was used in interesting way that really fit well with the theme of being in a police station. Our host was great fun and the room has a great sense of humour that really enhanced the experience for us. If I’m ever passing through Loughborough again I’m definitely going to be visiting Break Escape to try out one of their other rooms!







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