Escape Goat, Orlando

Escape Goat – Camp Echo


You have just arrived at summer camp!  You are eagerly greeted by your camp counselor when suddenly the camp legend Zilla interrupts. You must now save Camp from its doom. 


Team – Ster, Ni, Simon, Stu

Played – April 2017

(Reviewed by Ster)

Escape Goat

We ended up at Escape Goat because another escape room that we had visited gave it such a glowing recommendation that we rushed over with a car full of packed suitcases to squeeze in just one more game before heading to the airport! The company is fun, friendly and family owned – I particularly enjoyed the side quest of needing to find the goat hidden in the room somewhere.

The room

This room was different to other escape rooms that we’ve played before as our host was in the room with us rather than watching remotely through a camera. The story started with our host ‘locking herself in the bathroom’ and then sticking her head out of a window to tell us that she was stuck inside. So she wasn’t in the room where we were completing the puzzles, but she could communicate with us pretty easily and keep an eye on what we were doing.

It was an interesting way of doing things and meant that the game was different to other experiences in that nothing was automated. We were placing wooden items on wooden shelves and our host would tell us that we were getting closer or that we had completed something.

The puzzles themselves included a few riddle type problems that we really had to think through. They were really well themed to be in keeping with a summer camp with activity schedules, meal menus and maps stuck to the walls to give us clues.

I’ll be honest, the fact that completing puzzles didn’t actually make anything happen i.e. nothing opened or moved the game forwards because we had a host in the room telling us that we were right, made the solving the puzzles a little underwhelming. We’d do something and then all have to turn around and check with our host that it was correct, and while our host was fantastic and played her character brilliantly, for me it took some of the sense of achievement away from the experience.

Simon – My overriding memory of this room was that our host was in with us, which was a first for our team, and felt slightly odd, that she was watching us all the time. However, this was a room escape game with a very ‘back to basics’ approach, which worked really well considering the theme. There was an emphasis on logic puzzles to solve this room, which did mean that there was a slightly repetitive element, however the game itself was great fun. The theming and the puzzles were great and it definitely felt like we were at a summer camp and the characters in the story had been involved. A very enjoyable, different room!


This was an interesting room to play, there was a fair variety of puzzles, though nothing that was really difficult. That being said, a few did challenge us and we tried some rather inventive solutions before we figured them out. The live host didn’t really seem to add much to the experience, we still had to explicitly ask for help if we wanted it and to be honest it was a bit weird to be watched like that as we wandered around the room!






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