Mindquest, Orlando

Mind Quest – Cyber crash

From https://mindquestescapegames.com/

Hacking Crash Course.

Sources have identified Cyrus Berringer, A.K.A. “CYBER” as the lone mastermind responsible for infiltrating a system which has not only granted him access to unlimited private information of every person on earth but also gives him control of government intelligence databases, including weapons and missile defense systems. CYBER is a recluse obsessed with technology. There’s no telling what he’s capable of. YOU must stop him! Find his secret lair, break into his master computer and upload a virus that will CRASH CYBER’s mainframe once and for all.


Team – Ster, Ni, Simon, Stu

Played – April 2017

(Reviewed by Ster)

Mind Quest were really friendly on our visit. We took on this room without booking after really enjoying one of their other rooms Diamond Heist and they had the room ready for us within minutes of our previous escape!

The Room

The aim of this room was the upload a computer virus and so there’s a lot to do as you not only have the find the virus, you also have the find the relevant computer and also work out how to ‘upload’ it!

The initial part of this room was small and fairly sparse, though as Brits abroad we did enjoy the London décor! Once we move on to the second part of this puzzle though there was so much to explore that I’m pretty sure there was one member of the team I didn’t actually speak to!

There was a nice variety of puzzles and a great theming of the space, with loads to look at and puzzles everywhere. It did have a slightly linear feel to it, but that might just be because of the order we happened to come across the puzzles rather than because it was purely linear in design. There was a bit of running – yes the space was genuinely big enough – towards the end as well as we had to use things from the first part of the room to help with the second.

This room was really good fun with a great variety of puzzles, however that was our one complaint! One puzzle involves an incredibly long message given entirely in Morse code, and I’m talking complete sentences here not just a word. It was pretty impossible to hear and after a few minutes of struggling our host gave us the answer, admitting that she can’t decipher it either and always ends up having to hand the answer over to teams.

I found this quite disappointing as it didn’t have to be such a long message, they could easily have given a different type of audio clue for most of the message and only required a small part to be translated from Morse code, which would easily have been manageable. There was another moment when we couldn’t open something despite having the right code and our host, unable to work out what was going wrong from where she was, ended up having to just run inside and check that everything was working properly, which while helpful, broke the theme of the game a little!

Simon – This game was billed to us as the hardest one at Mindquest, so we were keen to take on the challenge. The theming was fantastic, and it definitely felt like a big step up in difficulty compared to Diamond Heist. There was an interesting variety of puzzles and the room opened up well, which is always something I appreciate. As Ster mentioned, the Morse code message was our largest stumbling block, and it did feel like this broke the room somewhat. However, once we had the answer, we were able to move on and get back into the game. Overall, this was a good game, with interesting puzzles, it’s just a shame about the one section.


We enjoyed this game, but we definitely enjoyed Diamond Heist more. The game just played a little more smoothly. Not that we didn’t enjoy the puzzles in this room, there was a great variety and a lot to keep all 4 of us busy. It just felt that it could do with a final polish of the puzzles.








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