Adventox, London

Adventox – Escape From Alcatraz


Frisco, 1962. It feels like you have been locked up here forever, in Alcatraz, the most notorious of all maximum-security prisons. Never has anyone escaped from this prison alive. But with all preperations in place, tonight might be your chance. But beware: An opportunity does not automatically lead to success. Out in the bay, the tide is murderous and the sharks are hungry. You have to avoid the guards and keep a clear head to make your escape attempt a success.


Team – Simon, Stu, Mark Jackie

Played – 29/5/17

(Reviewed by Simon)


This is an interesting location for a game as it’s inside a shopping centre just opposite Westfield Shepherd’s Bush. The venue has plenty of room for waiting teams and the hosts were welcoming when we arrived. One thing that the staff were particularly good at was setting the scene – they built up the game and the scenario, escaping from Alcatraz, pretty well. Even to the extent of warning us that we should be careful as we escape – don’t let the guards catch us. This really elevated the tension of the game and kept us quite on edge when the staff would come and rattle the door!

The Room

This room started in a way that I always quite like – your team is separated into two and put into different cells. Although this can sometimes mean that one group has nothing to do whilst the others solve part of the game, it seemed to work fairly well in this game – both groups were kept busy for the majority of the time before escaping. The puzzles were fairly well done, making sense in a real world situation, which played to the strengths of our team fairly well.

Once we had escaped, the room opened up more, leading to our escape from the island. This was definitely the more difficult part of the room, requiring much more of a mental approach compared to the beginning of the game. I felt that this added interesting variety to the room, although it wasn’t to the taste of some of the members of the team.

We managed to escape, and our method of escape was a pleasant twist at the end of an interesting game.

Stuart – This was overall a good game, with challenging moments. The start was very original and made things interesting for sure and the way the atmosphere was created really made it feel like we were trying to escape. I would highly recommend this room and look forward to doing more games with Adventox.


Overall, this was definitely a tense game and this tension added to my enjoyment of the room. The room was a good challenge and was themed well. There were some brain-burning bits towards the end of the game, by which point some of our team were flagging, but I don’t think it hurt the gameplay of the room.







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