clueQuest, London

ClueQuest – Revenge of the Sheep


Professor BlackSheep is back again to destroy mankind as we know it by turning us all into sheep! And this time he is not alone – he’s got an evil side-kick and together they have built a dangerous device: the SheepMutator.

Mr Q believes that the new technology used by the Professor poses a serious threat: by mutating the human genome, the SheepMutator can turn anyone who is in the range on its evil rays into a placid sheep! To make matters worse, the Professor has managed to set up several such devices in key locations around the planet – one of them having been set up right here, in London.

Agents, you will have 60 Minutes to locate and find a way to deactivate these devices before they go online and it’s too late for mankind!



Team 1 – Simon, Stu, Mark, Jackie

Team 2 – Ster, Ni, Lizzie, Jamie

Played – 2/7/16

(Reviewed by Ster)


I’ll be honest, ClueQuest is one of our favourite companies as a team. The rooms are always fun with a good degree of challenge and the hosts are always welcoming and friendly. Members of our team completed this room on two different occasions and everyone that went thoroughly enjoyed themselves.

The Room

This is advertised as being the hardest room at ClueQuest and the level of challenge really did step up from our previous two plays here! There are fewer padlocks in this room, it’s a lot more technological with a few automated elements that were really fun to work out.

The puzzle type set up the room for fairly linear game play, something that worked particularly well with our second team which included members who were playing their first ever room – possibly not the best choice to start on but it still went fairly well! The puzzles all built up to a pretty impressive finale and while I don’t usually enjoy linear rooms, it really felt as if we were working towards something the entire time that we were in there which made the experience very enjoyable rather than restrictive, as linear games can sometimes feel.

There was some interesting use of augmented reality at one point in this room, which got a little frustrating but was also good fun and something that I haven’t experienced before. The technological puzzles continued with the use of a tablet which worked flawlessly – something that I am very impressed with because in most other rooms I’ve played that have relied on technology, the technology has broken at least once!

It was a challenge, but it was a really fun challenge! The atmosphere of the room was great and I really enjoyed how different it was from the other ClueQuest rooms with a selection of puzzles that were completely different and required a different way of thinking.

Ni – A nice variety of puzzles and great use of tech as well. Definitely felt as though my brain was having to work quite hard, but a very fun challenge, which ClueQuest always manage to provide.

Simon – Another great room from ClueQuest! This was the first of their games that I played at their Kings Cross location, and it was evident how much effort went in to the theming of the room compared to their previous location. The room itself is relatively small, but there are so many things to do in here that you’re always busy. It’s definitely one of the harder rooms I’ve played, but the puzzles all seemed well constructed and logical. A highly enjoyable game!

Stuart – One thing you can guarantee with ClueQuest is a good and challenging room – this was no different for this game. Good storyline, good puzzles and all round a solid escape room. Very enjoyable!

revenge of the sheep


This room was great fun. The theming was brilliant and linear structure of the puzzles really enhanced that. The puzzles were great quality and there was a lot to get done, both teams escaped, but neither had much time left on the clock!





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