Hour escape, Loughborough

Hour Escape – Escape The Gallery

From http://hourescape.co.uk/

You and your team have been caught stealing a priceless work of art.
Security are holding you until the police arrive in 60 minutes.
Do you have what it takes to escape the gallery in time?


Team- Ster, Ni, Simon, Stu

Played – 29/10/18

(Reviewed by Ster)

Hour Escape

We were a bit late arriving to Hour Escape, having had a slow moving journey down from Manchester, so I was a bit surprised that the room wasn’t ready when we turned up. It hadn’t been reset properly and our poor host was running around looking for a vital piece of the room that was missing, she was on the phone to a colleague when we arrived trying to track it down, so we sat in the waiting area for a few minutes.

It’s not the biggest place to wait, and on the day we went it was very cold which made us anxious to get going! There was quite a long introduction as the game has a secondary objective as well as escaping and we were tasked with finding money, gems, gold bars and rings while inside which would add up to time taken from our score if we brought them out at the end.

The Room

Inside, I really enjoyed the first puzzle, it could have become tedious but it was kept to a sensible length and we progressed to the next part fairly quickly. Once in the room proper, we were confronted with a room full of shelves and bookcases which were jam packed with the notes and gems that we needed to collect. It was easy to get caught up in finding these items rather than looking for puzzles but the team split quite naturally into treasure hunters and puzzle solvers so we didn’t waste too much time.

There were a few puzzles to work through in this room but there wasn’t anything that we got stuck on, meaning that we moved through it all quite quickly. After the initial treasure hunt, the next stage involved a puzzle which required all of us to solve as it would have taken a long time if one person worked through it alone. It wasn’t a complicated puzzle, it just took a bit of time to complete and was a nice way of bringing the team back together after the mad dash of finding treasure.

The final puzzle was maths orientated, which meant that Simon was in his element, and I busied myself solving a puzzle which we’d already worked out was a red herring, but I was having fun with so continued anyway! I definitely think that a team of beginners could struggle in here, especially with the distraction of the bank notes everywhere, but we didn’t feel particularly stretched and we burst out of the door a good 10 minutes ahead of the previous record.

Ni – This was definitely a tear everything apart room! It was actually quite light on puzzles and while the treasure hunting aspect was a good filler for when we hadn’t found the next puzzle, I did begin to get fed up with just finding things, rather than finding puzzles to solve. Probably a good beginner game, but not that much to stretch any seasoned escapers.

Simon – An interesting concept for a room. Ni is right when she says it’s a ‘tear everything apart’ room, and the focus did seem to be on the treasure hunting at times. This did mean that everyone was busy for most of the room, which can be quite unusual. The puzzles in here were ok – there was nothing that we’d not seen before, but that’s not to say I didn’t enjoy them. Overall, this was an enjoyable room. Although I can see why the finding aspect might put hardcore escapers off, this was a light-hearted room which could be enjoyed by most teams.

Stuart – I really enjoyed this room and particularly the element of collecting things while trying to break out. This made the room unique and it’s easy to see why people might get distracted, which adds another element to the game. As said above we were running late and it was really appreciated that they held the room for us and put our mind at ease. The host herself was lovely and very friendly. The room itself had loads to do in it and loads of places to search and look, which is great for bigger teams. The theming was good and the puzzles in places were challenging and some we had never seen before. For our team the room was a little too simple and didn’t have that one big challenge we often find. It was a nice and enjoyable game and perfect for new teams.

Hour escape the gallery 29.10.18

Escape time – 25:31


This room was enjoyable, but not particularly difficult, though the treasure hunt provided an extra element to keep us all entertained as we blitzed through. I’d recommend the room to beginners who haven’t played a lot of games as the gems were fun and I liked that the second stage brought the whole team in together.






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