Break Escape, Loughborough

Break Escape – Enchanted Forest


A portal has been discovered that leads through to another world. The realm is under the control of a dark enchantress, and the forest sleeps. Can you wake it, and find a rare blue gem before the enchantress and make your escape?!


Team- Ster, Ni, Simon, Stu

Played – 29/10/18

(Reviewed by Ster)

Break Escape

This was the second room that we played at Break Escape on this visit and, despite the fact that we’d booked with a 45 minute time gap between them, our host was great at getting us straight into this room after finishing Sands of Time, which we all appreciated as we had a fairly long journey home afterwards! He also gave us a shortened briefing for our second escape here, just covering the essentials as we’d had the general stuff before playing Sands of Time.

I’m really impressed with Break Escape as a company, our host has always been very friendly and welcoming and has also made our visits feel personalised. The graffiti up the walls left by previous teams is good fun to add to at the end, even if some of it is not entirely suitable for younger players! And we’ve always left feeling like we can’t wait to come back, so we’re hoping for some new rooms soon!

The Room

The beginning of this room was superbly themed! There is a brief section of getting through the portal before entering ‘Narnia’ which really made us all smile. It was brilliantly executed and the puzzles were good fun too, requiring a bit of thinking and teamwork which we all enjoyed.

This escape is incredibly well decorated and we spread out amongst the puzzles enjoying the fact that the room didn’t have a completely linear structure. There was one fiddly little puzzle which Ni and I passed backwards and forwards between us because it was frustrating and time consuming and very easy to get fed up with! There were a couple of other frustrating puzzles that we discovered right at the start as well but they were so frustrating that we didn’t spend all that long worrying about them as they gained us time back at the end rather than aiding our actual escape.

I liked the idea of a key and padlock deposit box to put opened locks and their keys and if we forgot to use it, the wise owl in the corner would reminded us. Its main purpose is to stop anything getting in the way of the automated sections, which worked very smoothly, but it was also useful to stop anything getting lost or mixed up as we worked our way through. I found the wise owl a fun way of interacting with our host while keeping the theme more immersive, he was there to prod us in the right direction but also had a few sarcastic quips up his sleeve (or wing) which we all enjoyed.

The puzzles in this room require a bit of deduction and observation to complete and the whole team was brought together at the end, not because the puzzle required 4 people to complete, but because we found a strategy that worked and went for it! I found the puzzles in this room really enjoyable and while they weren’t too difficult, they took a bit of thought to work out and the answers weren’t always immediately obvious, which meant that we all felt challenged as we played.

There was a good variety of puzzles as well, less padlocky and more deduction, observation and riddles than the other rooms at Break Escapes, making it a really unique experience. The puzzles were also pretty well themed and, while the room wasn’t completely linear, different aspects did lead us in certain directions and there were some cumulative moments that gave the story a bit of structure.

Ni – This room is actually Narnia! Worth doing for the theming alone as it’s truly awesome 🙂

Simon – When I heard about the theme of this room, I was very keen to do it, and this definitely paid off. This room is really well themed, with the entrance being a particular highlight! Most of the puzzles are very cleverly constructed and fit with the game well, however there was one which we got a hint for, and I struggled to see how this would have been solvable without the hint. Despite this, we thoroughly enjoyed the room. It’s not easy, but it’s definitely enjoyable! I appreciated our host’s sense of humour throughout and would recommend this room to others.

Break escape 29.10.18

Escape time – 43:25


We all really enjoyed this room! The theming and decoration was brilliant and there was a variety of puzzles which were good fun while being challenging at the same time.






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