Break Escape, Loughborough

Break Escape – Sands of Time


There’s a strong rumour about a treasure hunter finding lost gems within a tomb known as The Sands Of Time. Dr Nubis could never escape which was believed to be because of his greed. He’s set an array of puzzles & traps to make sure no one else can get their hands on his loot. Do you have what it takes to go one step further?!?!

sands of time

Team- Ster, Ni, Simon, Stu

Played – 29/10/18

(Reviewed by Ster)

Break Escape

Two of us had visited Break Escape before and we returned with the rest of the team to tackle a couple of their other rooms. We were met by the same host, who was as enthusiastic and friendly as he had been on our previous visit, and while Break Escape has a fairly large waiting area, we have never spent any time there because they’re very efficient at getting teams to their rooms! There are comfy chairs and water available in the entrance though, which is where pictures are taken at the end as well.

The Room

We were given 2 torches when we entered this room and that was the only source of light we had while playing. I can’t imagine how frustrating that would be with 6 people as we struggled enough with 4! It took us a little while to get into the rhythm of pairing up to look at things, but to be honest we probably spent more time arguing about light than we did actually sharing it – clearly not one of our strong points!

The first part of this room created a few disagreements, partly because clues were spread around and we couldn’t quite manage to coordinate the torches so that we could see everything that we needed to! We also came across a fiddly little puzzle that took up one of the torches for a fair amount of time as we struggled to complete it. It probably wouldn’t take most teams as long as it took us, but after I completed 90% of it 3 times and then tried to pass the final stage on to Simon, who couldn’t complete the beginning of the puzzle but was tall enough to see the ending, we finally just passed the whole thing over to Ni, who is slightly taller than me and so could complete the whole thing by herself!

The puzzles in this room were interesting and some of them took us a bit of time to figure out, in between our torch arguments! They fit well with the theme of the room and required us to pause for a moment and think them over. We always enjoy rooms that require a bit of teamwork, and this was no exception.

Ni – The lack of light was frustrating, it definitely showed us our lack of patience with one another! The room (when we could see it!) was well themed and had a nice variety of puzzles to keep us occupied, lots of team work and pairing up, which I always appreciate. I also enjoyed how the room kept forcing us to go back on ourselves to go forwards, which made playing the room feel like watching the Lord of the Rings movies, you kept thinking you’d made it to the end…

Simon – I sometimes feel that the Egyptian theme has been overdone, but actually I think the darkness works in this room’s favour, as it means that the theming can be basic but still realistic. Ok, the lack of torches was a bit frustrating, but we managed. The puzzles in here fitted the theme well, although there was another annoying dexterity puzzle which I’m absolutely useless at. Apart from one other puzzle, I thought the level of difficulty was about right. I liked the way this room kept opening up and it pretty much felt like there was always something to do.

Break escape 29.10.18

Escape time – 42:31


This room was pretty good fun, the fact that the only light inside was what we took in with us really added to the theme and the puzzles were interesting to complete. I think that there could have been a few more puzzles inside just to make it that little bit more challenging, but overall it was an enjoyable experience with well themed puzzles and a great escape at the end.






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