Code to exit – The Dark Ages


This team game takes you back to the time of the Legend of Camelot. By revealing the secrets of the castle, you will be able to rescue the mystical Excalibur. Once you have the mythical sword you are only a step away from acquiring the Holy Grail. You need team work, skills and excellent powers of observation to complete the mission in time and escape the room.


Team- Ster, Simon, Stu

Played – 29/10/18

(Reviewed by Ster)

Code to exit

Our visit to Code to exit wasn’t planned, we happened to be staying at a hotel down the road and had a spare 2 hours before the wedding that we’d travelled up for. The time from discovering the company existed to being inside the room was less than 30 minutes, and they coped very well with us calling up and telling them that we wanted to play immediately!

Inside Code to exit there was a small waiting area with a couple of sofas, though we were only kept there for about 5 minutes for a quick briefing before heading down to the basement. In the entryway we could hear a bit of what was going on in the other 2 two rooms, but not enough to give anything way, just enough to know that the teams inside were having fun!

The Room

This room had great decoration and the puzzles were well designed to fit with the theme. We were given a few tips before going inside, the main one being that we might need to be patient and take our time with some of the puzzles and that was definitely true for one of the first puzzles that we found. It wasn’t difficult to work out what needed to be done, but it took a lot of patience to achieve and was one of those puzzles that can only be completed by one person.

It was a little frustrating and we passed it around between us a few times before finally completing it. I have to admit that was a bit disappointed to miss out on some of the other interesting looking puzzles that the boys solved while I was working on that one task, one in particular was something that we hadn’t come across before and sounded like a lot of fun as I heard them solving it behind me!

There was a lot to do in this room and the non-linear structure meant that we ended up tackling pretty much everything at once. At one point I started a puzzle and then put it down to help with a different puzzle and ended up completely forgetting to come back to it! But that busy, chaotic atmosphere is what we tend to enjoy as a team, discovering and sharing things and also dragging people away to help when a solution requires more than one person

The only time when we got really stuck was when we opened a box and didn’t see the tiny key inside, so it was our own stupidity rather than the flow of the game that slowed us down! The puzzles weren’t overly challenging, but they were fun and the fact that some of them took a bit of time meant that the room didn’t feel easy, even though we didn’t struggle too much and the escape ended with a puzzle which was great fun and fitted in brilliantly with the theme of the room.

Simon – When we were told that we would be playing the basement, I was a little wary and expected a dark, damp, poorly decorated room. Thankfully I was wrong! This room was really well themed and the space, although small, was used really really well. The variety of puzzles in here was fantastic, although I did feel a bit sorry for Ster being stuck on the one puzzle that she mentioned for a while. Were we in a different team, I think we could have really struggled to complete this room due to that puzzle. However, the rest of the game flowed really well – the automation was good and we felt a sense of achievement upon completion. A great room!

2018 code to exit

Escape time – 40 minutes


This room was really enjoyable, the puzzles were interesting and flowed brilliantly and the theming of the room was great. The aspect of having to physically obtain the sword before being able to access the Holy Grail that we were after was great fun and the variety of different puzzles meant that the room was interesting and engaging to play.






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