Essex, Room Lockdown

Room Lockdown – Alien Abduction


3:33AM: You get woken up by a tapping on the window. You go to investigate to find an owl looking at you. This continues for many nights until finally you are awoken to a bright shining light. You wake up to find yourself tied up in a human pod and from what it seems you have been involved in an experiment of some sort!

You and your team have a mission:

  • Escape from your pod.
  • Make your way to the bridge.
  • Try to navigate the UFO back to earth before the aliens are made aware


Team- Ster, Ni, Simon, Stu

Played – 6/1/19

(Reviewed by Ster)

Room Lockdown

This place is pretty easy to find and has its own car park right outside the front door. The waiting area is small but has plenty of seating, with 3 sofas, though they’re quite close together! On our visit, we booked 3 different rooms and played them one after the other so we had some time in between when we were waiting around as our escapes didn’t take the full hour slots. The owners were very friendly and welcoming during these times and we really enjoyed chatting to them about different escapes that we’ve done and enjoyed. I think we’re all looking forward to going back and meeting them again!

The Room

This room was squeezed into quite a small space, which is both an impressive feat of design and a little bit squashy with 4 people! It was actually situated outside the main building, which made it a pretty chilly experience in January, I’d recommend playing this game at a warmer time of year! I really liked the first puzzle of escaping our ‘pod’ and getting out of our handcuffs, which was a fun start to the story. The puzzles in the pod weren’t difficult, but they were enjoyable to get stuck into, and we moved on to the next section of the game in a few minutes.

Alien Abduction has a very linear gameplay, though we found the solutions to the puzzles quick enough to find that there weren’t too many instances of someone having nothing to do, which is one of our pet hates of linear escapes. The second section of this room had an interesting concept, though the main puzzle involved us watching a video rather than actually doing anything ourselves, which made it seem a bit like it was just there to run down the clock. The final stage of the room involved a bit of search and find followed by an exit that was a really fun idea.

Overall, we didn’t find this room particularly challenging and the puzzles were intuitive enough that that game flowed smoothly without any instances of us getting stuck on a puzzle. It was a small space, which meant that it was a bit crowded, especially when we were trying to count things around the room, though I don’t think this negatively affected the experience.

Simon – I’m a big sci-fi fan, so I was looking forward to this game. As Ster mentioned, the game flowed really well, with three distinct parts. Unfortunately, the first part was the highlight, with interesting problem solving. For me, the second part let this room down, as a lot of the puzzles were guesswork, with little-to-no guidance of a method. In terms of the story, this made sense, but it did make me feel like we were just blundering around for a solution. The last part of the game was enjoyable, but ultimately fairly straightforward. I enjoyed this game, but I can understand why hardcore escape enthusiasts might feel a bit let down by it.

2019 alien abduction 6th Jan

Escape time -22:01


This room was an interesting idea and the puzzles were enjoyable, though it didn’t feel as if there were that many of them and we achieved one of our fastest escape times as a team. I think that this is a room I’d recommend to new players, as it is a really interesting idea and the different stages of the mission were all enjoyable in their own way, but there isn’t a lot in here to challenge an experienced escaper. That being said, we did enjoy the experience and were really pleased by how well the game flowed from beginning to end.








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