Essex, Room Lockdown

Room Lockdown – Prison Break


You and your team have been locked up in Redwood prison for a crime you did not commit! A corrupt facility where many have been wrongly accused and executed! You and your team have a mission:

  • Escape from your cells.
  • Find a way into the power station.
  • Disable the security system and power supply to distract the guards.

You have 1 hour before they are made aware. Escape or face execution… your choice!


Team- Ster, Ni, Simon, Stu

Played – 6/1/19

(Reviewed by Ster)

Room Lockdown

This was our final room on our 3 escape visit to Room Lockdown and our host for this game was absolutely superb (though I can’t remember her name!). After playing, we also had a great chat about which of their upcoming rooms they thought we’d enjoy, so we’re definitely planning a follow up visit to check out the more difficult rooms that they’ve got in the works.

The Room

This room begins with the team being split up into two cells and definitely requires some good communication between the groups to unlock the doors! While there were a couple of moments of one pair waiting around because the next puzzle was in the other cell, we had great fun busting out of our confinement.

Once out of the cells, there was quite a lot to explore and a few different types of puzzles to get stuck into. There was a bit of searching and finding and also a puzzle that required two people to complete which, from the wear on the components, looks as if it’s been redesigned a few times before the current configuration.

The decoration and theming of this room was definitely the best out of the 3 rooms that we played, the first two sections in particular. I really liked that there wasn’t really anything in this room that would seem out of place in a prison, they’ve obviously put a lot of thought into the theming of their puzzles to keep the components authentic to the theme, which is a nice touch.

The final part of this room was a lot of searching and observation which was a little repetitive and we actually ended up solving it using process of elimination after completely failing to find one clue. I wouldn’t necessary say that this is a negative aspect of the game as we were becoming a little frustrated with being unable to find the missing piece of information and potentially would have spent the remaining 20 minutes just running down the clock and staring blankly at each other otherwise!

Simon – I always quite like games where our team are split into different groups at the beginnings, and this was no exception. Admittedly, there were moments during the split where we felt a little bored, and I’m sure the other team felt a similar frustration. The rest of the game flowed quite smoothly and was enjoyable and it felt like we all had something to do most of the time.

2019 prison break 6th Jan

Escape time – 41 mins


This room was really good fun and definitely our favourite out of the 3 that we played. The split at the beginning worked really well and there was lots to get stuck into once we were out of the cells. We particularly enjoyed the difficultly level of this room after achieving pretty fast times in the other escapes here and we’re looking forward to visiting again to play a room with a similar level of challenge.







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