Essex, Room Lockdown

Room Lockdown – Santa’s Sleigh is Stuck!


It’s Christmas time and Santa has loaded all the presents on his sleigh ready to deliver these gifts to all the boys and girls around the world, but there is a problem, Santa’s sleigh is stuck! If he doesn’t release his sleigh soon Christmas will be a disaster and no gifts will be delivered, can you and your team save Christmas?

You and your team have a mission – Enter the barn, find a way to release Santa’s sleigh and make Christmas magical again. You have 1 hour before it’s too late!


Team- Ster, Ni, Simon, Stu

Played – 6/1/19

(Reviewed by Ster)

Room Lockdown

This was our second game at Room Lockdown on this visit and they very kindly got us in early as we’d escaped the first room with quite a bit of time to spare. This was a temporary room for the Christmas period so it isn’t available to play anymore, though it’s possible that Room Lockdown will open a Christmas room again at the right time of year!

The Room

The first part of this room had lots to do so we split up and explored, which is definitely our favourite approach as a team. There was a variety of fun puzzles and some riddle type clues inside the game to help us on our way. I really enjoyed the number of different things to do in here and we were all happy with the increase in difficulty from Alien Abduction, which we had just played.

The entrance to Santa’s ‘barn’ was really good fun and we had a great time discovering how to enter. More than once, the solution to a puzzle caused a hatch to open suppling more challenges to get stuck into and there was a good mix of different puzzle types that kept the game interesting. The puzzles in the first section all linked together nicely for us to gain access to the barn, requiring some good team communication to get everything together, which was a nice way to regroup after the divide and conquer method that we had employed at the beginning.

The barn was the area where we got a little stuck, mainly due to our terrible observational skills meaning that we counted something incorrectly multiple times! There was a really great puzzle in there involving a stack of presents that had an interesting use of technology which we were all impressed with and I really enjoyed the exit of the room!

Simon – I do quite like a Christmas themed room. Unfortunately, they’re often done in a rush, which makes sense, and this one was no exception. Having said that, there was a good variety of puzzles and a great use of physical space. There was good use of technology, including something that we’d never seen before, which is always a bonus.

Overall, this was an enjoyable game and we all felt involved. The theming was done well and the game felt complete, although there was a clear sense of being done ‘on a budget’, which is understandable.

Ni – I thought this games was really enjoyable, lots to do both individually and also many opportunities to regroup and solve something together – just lots of fun!

2019 Santa 6th Jan

Escape time – 36:03


This room was a good bit of festive fun. There was a nice variety of puzzles and challenges and also a good variation of working independently and as a team, which is something that we always enjoy. This company was also one of the only places in the area offering a seasonal room which was something we were all keen to have a go at to get into the Christmas escaping spirit!






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