London, Secret Studio

Escape In Time – Secret Studio


Beneath the dark streets of London Town lies an old film studio, lost in time, waiting for you to release its secrets.

Once locked inside Secret Studio you’ll have just 60 minutes to solve its fiendish puzzles and escape. Stay calm, keep your wits about you and you might just escape the cutting room floor!


Team 1 – Simon, Stu, Jenny, Jackie

Played – 18/8/2017

Team 2 – Ster, Ni, Tim, Dave

Played – 16/6/2018

(Reviewed by Ster)

Escape in time

Escape in Time has a large entrance area with plenty of seating and our host was friendly and welcoming and also assured us that it wouldn’t be too terrifying, as I’m really not a fan of being scared! The company do offer a joker card that allows your team to avoid the scary bits in some way, we didn’t use it so I’m not sure exactly what it changes, but if you scare easily it might be something to consider – the room does contain a few jumps!

The Room

This room was brilliantly themed and decorated and the story was really well done, progressing as we played to a fantastic conclusion. The production value here is very high and a creepy atmosphere was created from the offset, something which only increased as the game went on.

The puzzles were interesting and suitably challenging with some great uses of technology as well and we found a lot to keep us busy, particularly in the first stage of the experience. The puzzle that I think we spent the most time on was a puzzle that really shouldn’t have taken very long at all and, though we were growing a little frustrated with it by the end, that was completely down to user error as we’d actually found the solution in another part of the room and failed to realise what it referred to!

The atmosphere definitely deepened as we played and there was one section of the room where the others were playing as a 3 as I was stood with my back to the wall, waiting for a terrifying jump that never actually came! The others had fun laughing at me but I think it was definitely a sign of a brilliantly executed story that I was genuinely scared.

I really enjoyed the penultimate section of the room, the puzzle led us to a great reveal which had us enthusiastically blundering our way straight into a big surprise which no one saw coming, another example of the fantastic storytelling in this escape. The final twist of this room is just fantastic, enough to make anyone jump and I’m sure that the hosts have a great time watching groups play through, though in our game Dave calmly breezed through the moment without so much as a whimper!

Simon – I thoroughly enjoyed this game! It was really immersive, with great use of equipment that really fitted the theme well, however we did have issues with one of these pieces, which meant we needed outside intervention in order to be able to proceed. This was a bit of a shame, but we used the equipment correctly, so our enjoyment wasn’t hampered in any way. The team have gone to great lengths to build a creepy atmosphere, and this was evident throughout the game, which definitely made us feel on edge, but I felt that they straddled the boundary between creepy and scary well. A fantastic game, which I’d highly recommend.

2017 Secret Studio - 18th Aug

Team 1

2018 Secret Studio

Team 2 escape time – 43:31


The quality of this room is brilliant, with fantastic a fantastic design and a story that ran throughout our escape. It contains some jumps, but we all left smiling albeit with slightly elevated heart rates. The puzzles had a good degree of challenge but the main appeal here is the theme and the story, which made it stand out quite a way from the average run of the mill escape.





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