Gravesend, Panic Room

Panic Room– Old Father Time


Variety of puzzles 4/5                                                 Originality of puzzles 3.5/5

Pre-game atmosphere 2/5                                         Difficulty 2.5/5

Overall 4/5

Overview – This was a fantastically themed room which we all found really enjoyable. The decoration and story were absolutely brilliant and while it didn’t test us too much, there were definitely some tricky bits and some great puzzles to get stuck in to!


It’s New Year’s Eve and Old Father Time – The master of the most powerful force of nature – has gone missing! Without him, the clocks won’t reset at midnight and the sands of time will run out – permanently!

The effects have already started – the forest creatures have started turning to stone, and in 60 minutes, the waves of time will cease to ripple and the rest of the world will follow suit! Start a new chapter and work together to explore a beautiful tree cabin straight from the pages of a fantasy novel to discover the secrets inside. A mystical fairy tale escape room awaits where time is more important than ever!

This award-winning room is perfect for adults and kids alike. Don’t let the beautiful scenery fool you: tricky challenges and puzzles lie ahead. Can you save the day and time itself?


Team – Ster, Ni, Simon, Stu

Played 10/8/19

(Reviewed by Ster)

Panic Rooms

This room was the second of our ‘enthusiasts package’ that we played and was located at Panic Room’s second location. It was a quick walk from where we played our first room and the team made sure that we knew where we were going before we left! Our hosts were friendly and enthusiastic and there was plenty of seating to relax in when we arrived. This location is slightly smaller, so didn’t feature the amazing tuck shop of Panic Room’s larger location, but there was a free water machine and plenty of little games to play to keep us entertained while we waited!

Old Father Time

The theming here was fantastic! The decoration was awesome and even included a little water feature that splashed droplets on me as I sat on the floor to solve one of the puzzles. The story was great too and we worked our way through, unlocking pages of a massive wooden book as we went. I really enjoyed this aspect of the room as it felt original and unique, something that can be difficult to come across with so many rooms open around the country!

The puzzles flowed together nicely with a fairly linear structure, though this didn’t limit us to one puzzle at a time, more helped to create a story with different groups of puzzles being relevant to different pages of the book. There was easily enough to keep the four of us busy, working in pairs or all on separate puzzles and also some things that we all worked on together, calling out information across the room and sharing ideas.

There was a nice variety of different puzzles, a bit of searching and counting and unlocking of padlocks. There was a listening puzzle, which we always find frustrating so it took us a few attempts and then we couldn’t get it to be quiet which added an interesting soundtrack to the next stage of the room!

While we didn’t find the puzzles too challenging, it was a really enjoyable experience with interesting puzzles and a great theme, up there as one of my favourites of the day!

Simon – The theming in this room is really quite stunning and the props had clearly been carefully chosen and designed. There was a great variety of puzzles and these kept to the tone of the room well. A very enjoyable room.

Stuart – Great theming of the room and the unique storytelling element that involved unlocking of the pages of the book was brilliant. A great variety of puzzles and something to do for everyone for the vast majority of the game. Also comes with some seating options if anyone gets a little tired!

Photo 16-08-2019, 20 19 31 (3)

Escape time – 29:47




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