Gravesend, Panic Room

Panic Room– Revolucion Ole


Variety of puzzles 3/5                                                 Originality of puzzles 4/5

Pre-game atmosphere 2.5/5                                      Difficulty 4/5

Overall 5/5

Overview – It was great to find such a unique room that also presented a high degree of difficulty. It really was unlike any other escape experience and for that fact alone I can’t recommend it enough!


You’ve stormed the President’s palace. El Presidente has fled but will be back with reinforcements – in one hour. Now it is up to you to seize power!

He has the entirety of La Isla’s Banana republic in his grasp and it’s about time for power to change hands. There are riots in the streets, demanding immediate changes to the law. Your goal: Win over the five most influential people and their followers to your side, before the president returns, or be kicked out of the palace and arrested faster than you can say “Ay Caramba!” Your glorious new era is within your reach!


Panic Room

This room is at Panic Room 3, the largest of the locations in Gravesend. As I’ve said before, the premises here are brilliant, plenty of seating for multiple teams, great decoration and with games and snacks available to keep you entertained and hydrated while you wait. All of the Panic Room staff are really friendly and welcoming and our host for this game was no exception, leading us through a briefing that seemed tailored just for us and greeting us at the end f our escae with plenty of enthusiasm.

Revolucion Ole

This room has a really interesting premise in that, instead of trying to logic your way out of the room, you’re trying to gain enough political influence to overthrow the government! Votes on different reforms take place throughout the experience and if you haven’t found enough information to vote the correct way then you can’t gain enough power to influence the corrupt political system and the revolution will fail.

I really enjoyed the time pressure of knowing that another vote was coming and we only had a few minutes to find the relevant information. For the entire time we were in there it felt as if we were right on the verge of failing as we desperately searched for information, which was provided in many different ways.

We read newspaper articles, studied social media pages, found confidential documents, listened carefully to political broadcasts and even used our sense of smell to learn as much as we could abut each of the key people. By the end we had all of the answers, but there were definitely moments of panic when it felt as though the information was just coming too slowly and we would never find it all in time.

It was a genuinely fantastic puzzle and the option of a hard mode really ups the stakes. This is a room that I’d definitely recommend for experienced escapers – the timed votes keep the pressure on and there is so much information to find in so many different ways that it felt very challenging. A really enjoyable experience with a great unique take on escaping!

Simon – I really liked the premise of this room and the idea of influencing the advisers really appealed to me. The set was used well and the different ways of finding information kept things from feeling repetitive or stale. This was another room with a good variety of puzzles and, for me, it was something new and different.

Stuart – I’m so glad I chose to do this game when it came up for me to choose a game to do. Main reason I chose it was because it was closing down and beforehand, I was uncertain due to it not sounding like a ‘normal’ escape room. After the slightly longer explanation of the room by our host I was still worried but as soon as the game got going all that worry disappeared. This unique concept of having a time limit to make decisions which affected the outcome of the game and the Cluedo like task of including or eliminating people made this the most memorable game of the day for me. If there’s ever a second coming of this game I’d highly recommend taking on the challenge. If there isn’t then there should be!

10.8.19 ole

Escape time – 35:20

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