Hint Hunt, London

Hint Hunt – Zen room

Difficulty  2.5/5

Overall  3/5

Overview – Overall, this was a fun room to escape. The puzzles were engaging and enjoyable and I particularly liked the Sudoku puzzle element as it was something that we could complete together, though I’m sure that this has the potential to truly frustrate players who don’t solve these outside of escape rooms – plenty of opportunities for mistakes here! It was definitely more enjoyable than Hint Hunt’s first offering and I’m excited to try their new games to see how they’ve continued to develop their puzzles.

From https://hinthunt.com/locations/london

A journey to the heart of Tokyo, you and your team alongside private investigator James Murdock have been contacted by Miss Miharu about a robbery that has taken place in one of her many properties. A cruel and spiteful uncle that has torn her family apart is at the center of the mystery. Locked inside, you will have to home into all of your investigational skills to unfold the secrets, solve the crime and escape out of the locked room all in one hour!


Team 1 – Simon, Stuart, Mark, Jackie

Played 2016

Team 2 – Ster, Heather

Played 1/10/18

(Reviewed by Ster)

Hint Hunt

We pretty much arrived and were led straight into our room, so I can’t really comment on any of the facilities here as we didn’t see them! The entrance to Zen Room was down some outside stairs so while I’m sure they have an area for teams to wait when they arrive, we didn’t need to go in there. Our host was friendly and took us through the short briefing outside the room before leading us in.

The Room

This room looks great inside, lots of authentic looking Japanese props and decorations which were incorporated into the gameplay in various ways. I think this room requires a keen eye as some items were well hidden, particularly in the first section where we needed some assistance to find something small that we hadn’t noticed.

I found the puzzles enjoyable and the game was not as linear as JM’s office which meant that we did split up a couple of times though, as I played this room in a pair with an escape room newbie, we mostly stuck together to work on solutions and there was lots to keep us busy for a full 50 minutes. I don’t think we had any big moments of getting truly stuck, we were pointed in the right direction when we hadn’t found something important and it was hinted that we should focus on a particular part of the room at one point, but overall the game flowed smoothly and the puzzles were pretty intuitive.

There were a couple of more technology based moments that we definitely enjoyed. The first caused some giggles and the second was incorporated into a larger puzzle that we messed up a couple of times due to terrible counting skills!

Stuart – The first game we ever played was the John Monroe room and had set the bar of what we now expected. The zen room did exactly what it needed to and raise that bar slightly further up. It was very simplistic compared to the games we play these days but it was enjoyably simple rather than boring simple. It would definitely be a good game for new players and teams.



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