Orlando, The Escape Game

The Escape Game – The Heist

Overview – We all enjoyed this room, just not as much as Prison Break! I think it’s a shame when you play the better room first as it will always negatively affect your view of the second play, but we just didn’t find the puzzles as engaging and innovative as we had in Prison Break. Still a solid room though with some interesting elements that we all enjoyed.

From https://orlandoescapegame.com/


Get ready for an exciting challenge of beating a thief at his own game. A famous piece of artwork has gone missing and it is up to your covert team to recover the invaluable masterpiece. If you succeed in your mission you will become national heroes! If you fail, you will be treated as a common criminal by the authorities. Good Luck!

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Team- Ster, Ni, Simon, Stu

Played – April 2017

(Reviewed by Ster)

The Escape Game

We really enjoyed our visit to this company, especially the enthusiasm and friendliness of our hosts. This wasn’t a room that we had planned on playing, it was a case of enjoying Prison Break so much that we asked what other rooms were free to play immediately and they got us into our next game very quickly and efficiently.

The Room

This room was very different to Prison Break and I think that our escaping abilities were negatively affected by assuming that the games would be similar. This isn’t a complaint by any means, I think it’s great for companies to have different styles of rooms, but it did mean that we tripped up on things that we might not have got stuck on had this been our first play – a lesson learnt for future escape days!

The first section of this room was very sparse, in theme with the room being an art gallery, but it meant that we were off to a slightly frustrating slow start without very much to get stuck in to. We did enjoy how the puzzles in this room worked though, it was an interesting idea to have almost nothing to look at and something that forced us all to think a bit differently.

After this, the game livened up a bit with a lot more to search through and look at. There was one particular puzzle which involved a higher level of technology than the rest of the room which we all found enjoyable and engaging. This room was fairly linear and didn’t seem all that intuitive, a couple of times we all struggled to work out where to focus next and it was rare for all members of the team to have something to do.

Having said that, the puzzles were enjoyable and there were definitely some interesting aspects of the play, though we were left feeling a little underwhelmed overall as there wasn’t loads in here to keep us busy.

Stuart – Overall a solid game with a decent variety of puzzles. Enjoyable.



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