Hint Hunt, London

Hint Hunt – The Safe


Variety of puzzles 2.5/5                                  Originality of puzzles    2/5

Pre-game atmosphere   2/5                            Difficulty    2/5

Overall  2/5

Overview – Not a particularly difficult room, with quite a sparse scattering of puzzles, but our host was pretty friendly and there were some interesting elements to enjoy.

From https://hinthunt.co.uk/

You are in a room in London with your friends and family but the funds are in danger. Any hints how to escape this crisis? Detective JM has done his best and already identified whom to interrogate but is still puzzled. The most important details are locked in a safe and it is up to you to open it on time. Get active and immerse yourself in the experience of this live game – you only have an hour before we all go bankrupt.


Team – Ster, Ni, Simon, Stu

Played 4/5/19

(Reviewed by Ster)

Hint Hunt

The waiting area at Hint Hunt is quite cramped but our host was friendly enough. It’s a bit strange being able to hear so many sounds from other rooms as you play but it didn’t interfere with our game in any way, it was just a bit odd!

The Safe

The decoration in the room is pretty basic, there wasn’t loads to look at and the space was small enough that our team of 4 seemed slightly too big. There was quite a bit of noise bleed from the adjacent room as well and there seemed to be more objects that weren’t part of the game than there were objects that were useful!

The Hint Hunt website lists this room as having a difficulty level of 4.6/5 which I am very surprised by. While there were definitely some fun puzzles in here, I wouldn’t class them as difficult, just enjoyable. The only thing we had trouble with was the listening puzzle because two of the sounds were so similar that we could barely distinguish between them and had to resort to trial and error in the end.

Even though the ideal number of players according to Hint Hunt is 3-5, I’d say it would definitely be doable with 2 and 5 experienced players would find themselves in a too many cooks situation. I did enjoy this room, but it wasn’t a big challenge. The puzzles were fairly standard and didn’t take long to complete. I think we spent more time standing around shrugging at each other because we’d run out of puzzles than actually doing anything!

Stuart – It was fine. Sounds like a fairly bland opinion from me but the room was pretty much the same – bland. There were some half decent puzzles but definitely nothing unique giving it the excitement we are looking for now that there are so many escape games available. Probably a good one for any teams new to the escape game scene and looking to build up some experience.

2019 hint hunt the safe

Escape time – 27:33



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