Gravesend, Panic Room

Panic Room – Ten Fathoms Deep


Variety of puzzles 2.5/5                                            Originality of puzzles 2.5/5

Pre-game atmosphere 3/5                                       Difficulty 4/5

Overall 4/5

Overview – The race aspect of this room made it a great, unique experience. Being able to see the progress of the other team really put the pressure on and I really liked the idea of a piggyback clue!


The H.M.S Rapture – Her Majesty’s long lost submarine from the cold war era – is about to implode! The pressure is building, the water is rising, the safety glass is about to crack! Race against the clock and your oponents in an unforgettable battle of wits and puzzle-solving prowess!

When two rival scavenger squads boarded the vessel, it was accidentally set to self-destruct! Two identical rooms, two crews trapped: only one emergency escape pod remains! Can your team reach the surface? Or will you drown as your rivals seal their victory and your fate? It’s a fight to the finish in this competitive versus event!


Team – Ster, Ni, Simon, Stu

Played 10/8/19

(Reviewed by Ster)

Panic Rooms

Two teams racing meant two games masters who were both really enthusiastic and set up the game brilliantly. We also received our complimentary drinks from booking the enthusiasts packing before playing this room, which we all very much appreciated!

Ten Fathoms Deep

We split boys vs girls for this challenge, which isn’t our usual configuration when we need to split up and probably wasn’t the greatest idea as a team made up of members below 5ft isn’t ideal for finding things in an escape room!! The premise of this challenge is good fun, two scavenging teams racing though a submarine on the brink of explosion with only one escape pod available. In a real life situation I’d like to believe that we’d just share the ride up out of the ocean, but that wasn’t an option here!

The control room or bridge area of the sub had six lights that would turn on when a battery was inserted – 6 lights and 6 batteries. The thing that put the pressure on in this room though was that they also lit up when the opposing team inserted a battery, so you could see how far ahead or behind you were getting by the colours around the illuminated batteries, and it really didn’t look good for the girls when we inserted our first battery only to see that the boys were on 4!

Things escalate pretty quickly once you start finding the batteries though and at one point we were at 5 blue lights to 4 red, which would have been an amazing come back if we’d ended up winning!

We didn’t find the puzzles particularly intuitive in this room, far less so than the other games that we played at Panic Room at any rate. They weren’t particularly challenging either, once you’d worked out what they were. I don’t think that I’d enjoy this room too much with a large team and I’m glad that we split into pairs as there aren’t loads of puzzles to work through and it would’ve been difficult to keep everyone involved if we’d stayed together.

Red team did appreciate that we could continue to play to the end of the game despite not making it to the escape pod first and getting there from the main submarine was a bit of an adventure involving some crawling through dark spaces! Overall it was a fun experience, a bit different to your average run of mill padlock opening adventure, but not the most challenging game that we’ve come across.

Stuart – This is the first ‘versus’ game we have done, which added a fun element to it. Initially there isn’t a lot in the room and we did find ourselves at times looking around thinking what can be next. However, once we got going and we found the competitiveness starting to grow it became quite intense. If you choose to do the versus version of this game then make sure you are with someone you can communicate and work well with otherwise, I feel some frustration might come in to the game. Overall a good room, good story and setting and good gameplay. Only slight downside for me was the end of the game but I can’t say why without spoiling it.

10.8.19 ten fathoms

Escape times

Red Team – 34:00

Blue Team – 27:10



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