Kent, Tulley's Escape Room Adventures

Tulley’s Farm – Dodge City


Variety of puzzles 5/5                                                 Originality of puzzles 4.5/5

Pre-game atmosphere 3/5                                         Difficulty 4/5

Overall 5/5

Overview – There was so much to do in this escape and a massive variety of puzzles which made the experience very exciting! The space was massive and really well used with amazing scenery and theming. There was a great element of challenge to the puzzles in here, we really had to do some thinking to solve them. Overall, we just had so much fun in this room!


Dodge City in 2127 remains a stronghold of the wild west. The constant tussle between the sheriff and local gunslingers means there’s opportunity abound for some creative bank robbery for those with wits and courage.

As a member of the Notorious ‘Barn Door’ Gang you’ve been caught by the local sheriff breaking into the bank. Locked away with little hope, hired by an unnamed outlaw and facing the ruthless justice of the old west you’re left with only one option.

As the sun sets the race is on to break out, reclaim your supplies, pull off the bank job of the century and get out of Dodge City.


Team – Ster, Ni, Simon, Stu

(Reviewed by Ster)

Tulleys Farm

Tulleys have a lovely waiting area with plenty of seating for multiple teams and a variety of little table top puzzles to play while you wait. The hosts were friendly and enthusiastic and very keen for teams who don’t make it out on their first attempt to try again with a 50% discount. We met one team who were on their third attempt at a game and were still enjoying the experience, though it probably helped that they final made it out on their third try!

Dodge City

The start of this room is great fun. Locked inside separate cells, we really had to work together to get out! Two of us had tried the beginning of this room with a couple of escape room newbies, so we were playing this room with a bit of knowledge for the first few minutes but we really didn’t get very far on that first play! We had completely underestimate the scale of the place and our other friends were a bit overwhelmed with the experience which meant that we weren’t really playing to finish!

I think that the Tulleys 50% voucher for a repeat play of a failed room is a fantastic offer. Playing the room was just as enjoyable on the second attempt and the two of us who had seen the beginning puzzles before just kept the solutions to ourselves so that the others could figure out the answers. We barely remembered anything from our first play though and it didn’t take long to reach sections that we hadn’t got to previously!

The look of this room is amazing, with so many different sections and a vast variety of different puzzles to get stuck into. I loved that there were multiple puzzles that we’d start solving only to discover that we didn’t have everything we needed and had to complete them later, sometimes adding parts to a solution several times which really added to the urgency of the escape! Every time we came across a new piece of an old puzzle the solution inched closer but we were still left short and just wanted to solve it already!

Overall, we were really blown away (pardon the pun) with both the variety and level of difficulty here. It challenged us in quite a few different ways and we left feeling as though we’d really worked for our escape! It’s one of the few rooms that I actually think I’d be able to play again and still enjoy even having solved all of the puzzles before, it set a very high bar for the rest of the day as we were playing all 4 escape adventures available on this visit and left this room very excited for the next.

Photo 23-11-2019, 12 25 00

Escape time – 49:42




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