Kent, Tulley's Escape Room Adventures

Tulley’s Farm – Nethercott Manor


Variety of puzzles 5/5                                                 Originality of puzzles 5/5

Pre-game atmosphere 3/5                                         Difficulty 5/5

Overall 5/5

Overview – This room definitely lived up to its five star difficulty rating with so many puzzles crammed inside that there were many moments that we were sure we’d never reach the end! It was a thoroughly enjoyable experience with lots of variety to the puzzles and the spooky atmosphere really added to the tension.


The old manor house is entwined with local legend, the living don’t remember the Nethercott’s, the family’s hay day was long ago. Local folk talked, whispers were heard, rumours began, lights were seen within.

The Nethercott’s are long gone but something remains, an essence, a smell, a feeling, it’s in the fabric, in the walls, under the floor boards … it ticks, it creeks … take a trip into the past, uncover the family’s many secrets and glimpse their fleeting souls?


Team – Ster, Ni, Simon, Stu

(Reviewed by Ster)

Tulley’s Farm

This was our third game of the day here and our host for Nethercott Manor was absolutely lovely! She as genuinely excited when we made it out and there was something really fun about bursting straight into the waiting area where other teams were gathered.

Nethercott Manor

I was little worried about how scary this experience would be and was told that it would be Scooby Do scary so not to worry! The creepy atmosphere was pretty good, a few jumpy moments that made me swear and some well themed eerie rooms that added to the tension.

This room has an incredible variety of puzzles, and so many of them that getting through them all in under an hour was definitely a challenge. We met another team on our visit who burst out triumphantly having finally escaped on their third try and they were still really enjoying the experience! The quality of the puzzles was great and we encountered lots of original elements that we hadn’t come across before all in a fantastically decorated room with masses of space to explore.

One of the hosts here told us that some people complain that this should be a 90 minute challenge as it’s so difficult for a team to escape on their first attempt and, while I agree that it is a very difficult room, it is also advertised as such and increasing the time would make a challenging room much easier. We loved the level of difficulty here, it’s the closest that we’ve ever come to failing an escape (ignoring the room that two of us played which broke making escape impossible) and we thoroughly enjoyed both the volume of puzzles and also the challenge. The final few minutes were very tense and involved a fair amount of shouting and running!

Photo 23-11-2019, 22 16 56

Escape time – 59:03




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