Breakin', London

Breakin’ Escape – Wizarding School: Fang of the Serpent


Variety of puzzles 3.5/5                                              Originality of puzzles 3/5

Pre-game atmosphere 2/5                                         Difficulty 3/5

Overall 4/5

Overview – There was a great atmosphere in this room, a proper creeping through a castle in the middle of the night feel that really brought the theme to life. There was a great variety of puzzles to get on with too, probably my favourite room at Breakin’ so far!


Another year at the Wizarding School brings with it new challenges. You have bee summoned by the headmaster to find a most precious artefact which has been lost for many decades. Its whereabouts unknown, your search leads you to a mysterious part of the castle where no one has ventures in years. You feel danger lurking around every dark corner…

You and your friends must face a great evil in order t complete your mission. The monster guarding the chamber will be like nothing you’ve faced before.

Pick up your wands, remember your spells and find your courage, you will need all of them for the challenges that lie ahead!

Team- Ster, Ni, Ellie

(Reviewed by Ster)

Breakin’ Escape

Breakin’ has a really nice area to wait in, plenty of seating and large enough that several teams can wait at once. There isn’t a lot of build up to the rooms here but the hosts are always friendly and enthusiastic about the games.

Fang of the Serpent

The use of space in this room is fantastic! The layout really added to the experience, with quite a bit of moving back and forth between the different sections. It’s worth noting that parts of this room are pretty dark and there is a bit of clambering around which some might find it difficult to access.

The variety of puzzles in this escape was really great. It was a fairly linear story but with a bit of wiggle room for exploring and the theming was just fantastic. The puzzles weren’t overly intuitive, but we got through them with only one hint along the way. Of the three games I’ve played at Breakin’, this one really stands out.

The set up of the room, the decoration and the level of immersion made it a brilliant experience, particularly for a group of Harry Potter fans!  I loved the running back and forth, it added a lot to the theme and the sense of urgency and while the puzzles weren’t overly difficult, they did require a bit of brainpower and deeper thinking that tripped us up a couple of times.

Escape time – 43:57

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