clueQuest, London

ClueQuest – Operation Blacksheep


Professor BlackSheep, Mr Q’s arch nemesis, has been scheming and plotting against our agency and the whole of mankind. The Professor has built and launched a satellite into Earth’s orbit, capable of controlling all human minds.

You and your team will be sent behind enemy lines with the mission to infiltrate into the Professor’s command center, hack into his system and obtain the missile codes in order to destroy the satellite once and for all.

Agents, be aware! Launching the missile into the satellite will trigger the command center’s self-destruct sequence. You will have only 60 Minutes to destroy the satellite until it goes online and then to evacuate the command center before it self-destructs.


Team 1 – Simon, Stu, Mark, Jackie

Team 2 – Ster, Ni, Tim, Alex, Katrina

(Reviewed by Ster)


Our second visit to ClueQuest was at their new venue in Liverpool Street, which is both easier to find and also slightly more welcoming than their previous premises.

There were plenty of small areas for teams to wait and receive their briefing and, as with our previous visit, out host was enthusiastic about setting up the story and somehow sold the fact that we were working for an anthropomorphic sheep without any of us rolling our eyes.

The one thing that we had to do at ClueQuest that I haven’t done at any other rooms I’ve escaped from, is actually open a padlock after receiving instructions of how they work which. It made the briefing a little more interactive and also made sure that we wouldn’t trip up on something as simple as entering the correct code in the wrong way, which has happened in previous escapes and led to a lot of frustration!

The Room

As soon as you are led into this room you can see all the different areas of it, you just can’t access them all immediately. I’m not sure that I like this as much as I enjoy finding a hidden door somewhere, but it did give us a very clear idea of what we were working towards.

This room moves a little further away from the keys and code locks of Plan 52, with some very interesting and engaging puzzles. As with Plan 52, there was an emphasis on teamwork with puzzles requiring everyone to complete together, though Operation Blacksheep has a much more linear gameplay with quite a sparse playing area.

I’ll admit that we were stumped on the final puzzle and tried some incredibly ridiculous solutions before we finally managed to escape, all quite embarrassed and rolling our eyes at the clues that we’d missed!

Simon – I loved this game! I thought they made great use of the space and the different types of puzzles were great. What particularly impressed me was the teamwork necessary to solve some of the puzzles and solving them was a pleasure.  The difficulty level of this room was just right, however we did solve one puzzle without all the information that we should have had, which can be annoying.

Despite this, this game remains one of my favourites, highly recommended!

2015 ClueQuest


Operation Blacksheep had some really interesting puzzles which required a bit of lateral thinking which I really enjoyed. There was less fiddly lock turning and some really great physical elements of the room which made it different from Plan 52. We escaped with a fair amount of time still on the clock but I wouldn’t say that we found it easy, it was interesting and challenging and I thoroughly enjoyed it!





clueQuest, London

clueQuest – Plan 52

From clueQuest

PLAN52 is one of our top secret locations from where our spies run their covert operations. However, something terrible has happened: four of our agents who were stationed there have vanished without a trace. We have proof that this was the work of a double agent. Furthermore, Mr Q suspects that the evil Professor BlackSheep helped the double agent to cover his tracks.

It is up to you and your team to investigate this risky matter and learn the identity of the double agent. But be careful, Mr Q has confirmed that the traitor has managed to reset the security device of the facility! From the moment you set foot inside PLAN52 you will have just 60 Minutes to learn who the double agent was and deactivate the device before the entire facility detonates.



Team 1 – Simon, Stu, Mark, Jackie

Team 2 – Ster, Ni, Fang, Tim, Mike

(Review by Ster)


clueQuest has a fairly large premises allowing for multiple teams to be briefed separately for different rooms. It’s always been pretty busy when I’ve visited but we’ve always been welcomed warmly and given our own briefing in a little nook by our room. There are also always little puzzles to play with while you’re waiting, though they’re quite frustrating to pick up as there is rarely enough time to complete them before starting the room!

The theme of the room was presented fairly tongue in cheek considering that the main characters in the story are an anthropomorphic mouse and a sheep, which gives clueQuest a fun playful feel from the start. ClueQuest also have 4 copies of this room, so it’s possible to divide a large group up and all play the same experience simultaneously.

The Room

There was a lot to do in this room! It definitely wasn’t linear and there were a few red herrings that we wasted some time on, adding to the tension and time pressure which I really enjoyed. There was a wide variety of puzzles inside and enough to do that we frequently split up and discovered things that no one else had noticed yet.

There were a few moments when I thought that we were lucky to be a team of 5 as larger puzzles drew us all back together and we needed to be in 2 places at once which meant that we could have 2 people at each location and a runner standing in the middle shouting at both pairs! These larger puzzles were very interesting, they took a good level of teamwork and were really fun to get stuck into! That isn’t all to say that the room wouldn’t be possible with 3, which is the minimum required, but I think you’d be pushed for time with fewer.

One member of our team was new to escape rooms and rather than tearing through the room like the rest of us pulling things open and picking up everything that moved, she kept the clipboard and pencil and made a of note of everything we found, which is a testament to just how much there was in this room as she always had something to write or read out to the rest of us and really enjoyed the experience despite not actually solving any of the puzzles herself!

Simon – We played this at the Liverpool Street venue, so things may have changed. It was also one of the first games we ever played. This game was a very enjoyable experience. I really liked the variety of puzzles and the different rooms. It was a great room for teamwork and communication. ‘The red box’ was slightly repetitive, but something memorable that I’ve not seen the like of since. I really enjoyed this game and, in the team I played with, we were quite close to the deadline. Overall, a fantastic game!

Stu – At the point of completing this game this easily became one of my favourites. One thing you can guarantee with any ClueQuest game is that you will have a great time and plenty of fun. Plan 52 was no different. The highlight of the game without doubt is the high level of co-op that’s required with the “red box”, which to my knowledge is a unique feature to this game and ClueQuest. The room was bright and colourful and with Mr Q (a hero mouse) and Professor BlackSheep (an evil sheep) involved this room would certainly welcome itself to younger or new players. Saying that it was still a blast and we had a great time.



Plan 52 was a lot of fun. It was a great mix of looking for padlock codes, physically having to move around and also using technology for some interesting puzzles. It also required more teamwork than the average escape room, which was a nice touch that encouraged a lot of heated discussion!