London, Mission Breakout

Mission Breakout – Codebreakers


A mind blowing script based on the extraordinary true story of the very confidential Codebreakers!

Will you be able to decode the secret messages of the Nazis, escape the room and save the World ?

You will have only 60 minutes to complete the mission using your mind, good sense and teamwork!

mission breakout

Team: Simon, Stu, Mark, Jackie
Played: 24th October 2016

(Review by Simon)

Mission Breakout

This venue bills itself as being in a disused Underground station. I was initially a bit sceptical, and thought that it might just be in the building, but when you arrive, enter through the side door and descend the steps, it really does feel like you’re entering somewhere historic and forbidden.

At the bottom of the steps is a briefing room and a locked door, behind which lies the game. They have done a great job to create an atmosphere, putting up photos and posters from World War II, which gives the game its theme.

The Game

After a quick video briefing, given by ‘Winston Churchill’, you enter the room. I’m never quite sure how I feel about video briefings. I quite like having a staff member introduce things, but there’s only so many times you can listen to the same thing from different people!

The room is themed around a World War II command centre and uses technology well. The puzzles are varied and there is plenty to do. I do remember a couple of things being a bit obtuse and only solving some of the puzzles by trial and error, but that may have been the idea, as there aren’t many puzzles we’ve encountered that are solvable in this way.

One thing I do remember having discussions about both during and after the game are the sound effects. Sound and vision is used to great effect in this game, but at times it was a bit overwhelming and did make communication between us slightly difficult.

I found the final part of this game slightly frustrating. It was very well themed, consisting primarily of one large puzzle. For the first half of this puzzle, the whole team could be involved, however for the second half it became very limiting, involving two people at most. Coupled with a slightly temperamental piece of equipment, this puzzle took us longer than I thought it should have.

Stu – The theming for this game was probably one of the best we’ve seen and a lot of the reason why would be due to the really unique property it sits in. Mission Breakout picked the perfect theme for their first escape game in a disused Underground station – it works perfectly. The game itself was entertaining as well as challenging at times and had a good mixture of different of types of themed puzzles. The only downside was some of the World War 2 technology they tried to incorporate into the room was a bit temperamental which delayed our escape. Due to its uniqueness this game is definitely worth a go.

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Overall, did the final puzzle affect my enjoyment of the game? Slightly, but because of the equipment, not because of the puzzle. Would I recommend this game to others? Absolutely, it was very well themed, it had a variety of interesting puzzles and made great use of the space available. The venue added to the atmosphere and the rooms were very immersive, which was helped by the sound.

We were told that they are hoping to open another game and I am looking forward to going back to this great venue.




3/5 (slightly lowered by the frustration of the final puzzle)