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ExCLUEsive games – Lost island adventure

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​After you luckily survived a shipwreck you wake up deep inside the jungle of Caribbean Islands. However, this paradise is less than idyllic. After regaining consciousness, you discover that the island is inhabited by cannibals and you are captured by a native tribe.

​You have 60 minutes to fight for survival and escape the island before it gets dark and avoid being eaten alive by the residents.

lost island escape

Team- Ster, Ni, Simon, Stu

Played 22/07/18

(Reviewed by Ster)

ExCLUEsive games

ExCLUEsive games is a little of the beaten track but it wasn’t difficult to find. When we arrived our host was very funny and friendly and is clearly a big enthusiast of room escapes himself. He also ran after us when we left with some drinks for the journey home, which we really appreciated as it was one of the hottest days of the year and is a great example of the lovely hospitality of this company. There was plenty of seating in the entrance too, though if two teams arrived at the same time they might find it a little cosy!

The Room

This experience started with us all being handcuffed together, which I haven’t actually experienced before and which limited our movement quite a bit at the beginning! We generally found the situation pretty funny, but it was difficult to get a good look at anything when your wrist is constantly being pulled in another direction. We managed to sort out something close to coordination though, and somehow freed ourselves without anyone hurting anyone else!

Once we were free we had more of an opportunity to really examine the room that we were in and the decoration was really great, lots of bamboo and other foliage which was fun to dig around in. There was a really interesting mix of puzzles too, some which clicked with us immediately and others that we obsessed over for a little too much time before realising that we didn’t actually have the solution yet and we should move on and come back to it later.

I felt like there were a few obvious things that we missed initially in this game just because we were over thinking and not examining things closely enough. That being said, there were also a few times that the puzzle was a little way from the beaten track and not really intuitive enough that it was achievable without a clue.

When we finished playing, our host expressed the opinion that rooms shouldn’t be escapable in much less than an hour as he doesn’t think that you really get your money’s worth in those situations. I think that, due to this philosophy, some of the puzzles in this room aren’t entirely intuitive, which we found a little frustrating as a team as part of the enjoyment for us is escaping on our own merit rather than with guidance from our host.

That being said, the wide variety of puzzles was good fun to get stuck in to and there was so much to do in this room that we were constantly busy and frequently working on several puzzles at once.

Simon – On the day we played this, we did three games – this one was my favourite, although I can see why it could be divisive. The theming was done very well and I liked the little scenery and lighting effects throughout. There was quite an emphasis on what I’d call ‘search and find’ aspects of the game, which threw us a bit, so it felt like we got a lot of clues. Perhaps if we’d known we needed to spend more time searching, we wouldn’t have done, I don’t know. I thoroughly enjoyed this game, for me it flowed well and there was a great variety of puzzles.


Escape time – 47:15


This room was really good fun! There was a lot to do and a great mix of puzzles that really got us thinking. I think the whole team was busy for almost all of the time that we were in there and we really had to communicate well to ensure that we had all of the necessary information because there was so much to look at.