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Butch Cassidy is a well known train and bank robber as well as the leader of a gang of outlaws known as the “Wild Bunch” in the Wild West.

This time they robbed a train escaping with a large amount of gold… but Cassidy didn’t go far, he got trapped by the local sheriff. Now he is waiting for his execution.

The Wild Bunch reunited to rescue Cassidy and recover the gold which had been deposited in the local bank.

​Will the operation be successful or will the gang fall into the trap of the sheriff?

vintage cowboy

Team – Ster, Ni, Simon, Stu

Played 16/07/18

(Reviewed by Ster)

ExCLUEsive games

Full disclosure – We were invited to play this room free of charge after visiting over summer to play Lost Island Adventure, we’ve tried not to let this influence our opinion of the experience.

On arrival, our host was as enthusiastic and friendly as he had been on our previous visit, his enthusiasm for escaping was very clear as we chatted about other escapes that we’ve played.

ExCLUEsive games sets up the stories for their rooms through short videos which are entertaining to watch and I think one of my favourite ways to introduce a room as it means that everyone playing gets the same experience which isn’t affected by the quality of the host, an issue that we’ve had at other companies that we’ve visited in the past.

The Room

The game started with one us being split up from the rest of team so that they could be boosted from jail as the story progressed. I think that the main reason that I volunteered for this role is that I wanted to know what it would feel like to be the one separated from the action as I was worried that it might get boring!

As it turned out, I could still interact with my team from my confinement and there were quite a few things to do to keep me both entertained and also involved in what the rest of the team was doing. I was really impressed with how what we were doing linked together, it could have been a very lonely 10 minutes for me while I waited for those on the outside to turn the keys in the appropriate locks, but it wasn’t at all. My team were great at trying to explain to me what they were doing and describing what they could see so that I was still a part of the action and it added a great deal to the immersive experience of the game that someone actually needed to be rescued!

The one thing that my team didn’t quite manage to describe to me and so I didn’t appreciate until I’d been successfully jailbroken, is just how well this room is decorated. It genuinely looks amazing! As a rule, smaller companies often lose some immersiveness from their games due to the décor, but the attention to detail and sheer scale of the decoration was fantastic. We actually went back in after playing just to have another look at it all because we liked it so much! It was also massive, when we were walking in we guessed from the size of the building that the game would all be squeezed into one room but we all clearly need to brush up on our spatial awareness skills because there were actually 6 sections inside!

The puzzles in this room were also well themed, moreso I think than in the other game ExCLUEsive have open at the moment, and the variety of different puzzles is great. It’s designed to be a room for up to 8 players and, while we managed it with 4, it was clear to see how 8 people could easily play together in the space without either getting in each other’s way or running out of things to do. There is a strong emphasis on teamwork here, we tackled most puzzles in pairs, and we needed to!

All the way through this game, from rescuing that one solitary team member at the beginning to the final puzzle needed to open the last door, everything was about teamwork. If you can’t communicate well with each other, I wouldn’t fancy your chances of getting out! There was no one big puzzle that we needed to focus on while playing, instead there were a lot of interesting puzzles which flowed together really well to create a great story. The solutions were logical and intuitive which meant that there was never a point when we were really stuck, everything led on from each other and, while we did need a few hints to point us in the right direction at times, someone usually had a good idea about where to look.

Simon – I’d echo pretty much everything written above (although I obviously can’t comment on the individual confinement). From the outset it was clear how much effort went in to the room and it definitely paid off. The game flowed well, the puzzles were interesting and varied, and we were all entertained throughout the whole escape. This is most definitely a game I will recommend to others and I really hope it does well.

Ni – I also really enjoyed this room, I think it’s probably one of the most fun ones I’ve done, there are lots of puzzles to get stuck into and the theming is wonderful. Having to remember to include the prisoner made me notice lots more things as I tried to describe what she was missing, It’s definitely worth a visit!

Stuart – The way this game has been themed and decorated is so immersive that you forget that you aren’t actually in the wild west while the game is going on. The puzzles were all good and varied in difficulty and included some we had never seen before. The only slight criticism for me (and it is slight) is that for an experienced team it is missing that one difficult and challenging puzzle that frustrates you. Overall though, still a very good game and one of the best we have come across.

2018 wild wild west 16th Sept.JPG

Escape time – 36:32


This room was just so much fun! The puzzles seemed to flow a little more clearly than those that we encountered in Lost Island Adventure, and the theming of the room really made the experience. We had a great time solving the puzzles and we all enjoy a room that requires a little teamwork to be successful. We did a lot of splitting off into pairs and then coming back together and sharing what we’d discovered. The ending was also fantastic, not a puzzle that required a lot of brainpower but something thematic, fun and, of course, requiring good bit of team co-ordination.