Escape rooms, Mindquest, Orlando

Mind Quest – Diamond Heist


The Perfect Robbery.

The Star of Dream of Dreams Diamond has been stolen! Montgomery Bank & Trust is a known front for money laundering and other criminal activity. We have reliable intel that indicates the Star of Dreams is secured somewhere on their premises, presumably under the watchful eye of the bank’s president, Charles Montgomery, III. It’s up to you to break into Montgomery’s office, locate his secret vault and confiscate the diamond before he returns. We need your help to ensure the Star of Dreams is recovered by its rightful owner!


Team- Ster, Ni, Simon, Stu

Played – April 2017

(Reviewed by Ster)

Mind Quest

The MindQuest team were really friendly and welcoming and there was plenty of seating in the waiting area with free bottled water. They have quite a few different games available but we were told that Diamond Heist was the favourite game of another group of British tourists that had visited so were excited to get going. The team were also fantastic when we ran out of this room wanting to play another game and they got us into Cyber crash almost immediately!

The Room

Rooms in Orlando are generally a little different to the rooms that we have played in Europe as most allow for at least 8 players at a time and many are suitable for 10. We played this game with 4 and that was a pretty good number for us, any more and I think that we would have been left doing quite a bit of standing around and watching.

The premise of this room was great fun, the diamond that we were trying to steal was outrageously large and theming of the whole game was really well done. We had a few debates while playing about whether or not different clues would turn out to be red herrings, but nothing that derailed our play.

The puzzles in the room were good fun, nothing ground breaking but with some interesting elements that required a bit of lateral thinking. I particularly enjoyed the moments that really made us think outside the box. Moments of, why on earth do we keep finding all of these…? And then realising that there was a purpose that none of us had predicted!

Ni – The puzzles weren’t that hard but we really enjoyed it and it always makes a difference to how much I enjoy a company when the hosts are friendly.

Stu – This rooms highlight is it’s finale with the giant diamond. The room was well themed with some challenging puzzles. With 4 people it worked, with more it would have been too crowded I feel.

Simon – If I’m honest, this room doesn’t wow you when you walk in, but considering the story, it’s not meant to. There is more of a wow moment though, as the game opens up. I liked the use of lighting and set in here to add to the immersiveness of what is, on the face of it, a basic story. Not a bad room.



We really enjoyed playing this room. The premise and theming were great and the puzzles were enjoyable to work out. There was one moment when we were a bit stuck about what we needed to work on next, but overall the problems were enjoyable and not too difficult to solve, they just required a bit of thought and the application of some logic.






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