Lakes Escapes

Lakes Escapes – Baker Street


A dead body will soon be discovered at the shipping docks.

A notorious gang of mysterious criminals known as the Baker Street Five held a secret meeting to plan their most elaborate heist yet. This meeting quickly took an unexpected turn and a minor disagreement escalated into a heated argument.  Shots were fired, one crew member lay dead, the remaining crew members immediately fled the scene.

Can you decipher the clues and find out who the murderer is. One word of warning, the leader will be leaving the country within the next hour, so you’d better work quickly.


Team- Ster, Ni, Rachel, Ben

Played 1/8/18

(Reviewed by Ster)

Lakes Escapes

Lakes Escapes was fairly easy to find, about a 35 minute drive from Keswick, where we were staying. Inside, there wasn’t any seating but as our game was ready didn’t need any. We were greeting by an enthusiastic host and headed into the room after being shown 2 different types of padlock.

One thing that made this game different to others that I’ve played is that we had our briefing inside the actual room. I found this a bit strange as it meant that I wasn’t really listening to what our host was saying, I was just looking around the room for clues! Our host seemed keen to ensure that we were prepared and kept giving us extra pieces of information so that by the time she left us to it, we were itching to get going!

The Room

The room itself was quite a sparse office set-up. We were told before we went in that there were a lot of word puzzles, which meant that we spent the beginning of the game looking for anagrams or wordplay or riddles of some sort but we never actually found any! There were a few puzzles that required using the alphabet, but I wouldn’t let the word puzzles introduction put anyone off – it’s an achievable room even if you don’t have a scrabble champion amongst you!

The premise was that we were looking for the members of a notorious gang after the murder of one of their own before they fled the country. We needed to find the names of both the gang members and the victims, which meant that we hoarded anything with a name on just in case it was relevant! We also came across a few scrabble tiles and I really liked how these were used to give us different clues. The first one was quite confusing, but once we’d realised how it worked, the others that we found came in very useful and they were a fun element of the game that kept making us smile.

The game itself was fairly linear and I don’t think that we really found a puzzle that needed more than one of us to complete, so there were a few moments of us all standing around wondering where on earth we were meant to be looking as we seemed to have exhausted all options! There were also a few puzzles that could be completed out of order, which can get a bit confusing in a linear game!



The puzzles in this room weren’t all that taxing to be honest. The linear aspect meant that quite often we became stuck because one member of the team was holding the next part of the game, they just hadn’t realised it yet, rather than because we couldn’t work out the answer! That being said, it is in an area where there really aren’t that many escapes around and they have a variety of rooms with 3 different themes and our host was friendly and welcoming.






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